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    Opened to a pond, still cloudy and other problems...

    My winter cover had a hole in it and we opened the pool 2 weeks ago to a pond with lots of frogs and green water. After all of the organic material was vacuumed and scooped out, I brought the pool water level up to where it is supposed to be and added the chemicals needed. I shocked it 3 times...
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    Opened to a pond, still cloudy and other problems...

    My winter cover had a hole in it and we opened the pool 2 weeks ago to a pond with lots of frogs and green water. After all of the organic material was vacuumed and scooped out, I brought the pool water level up to where it is supposed to be and added the chemicals needed. I shocked it 3 times...
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    How to price a used pool

    I am considering giving up on the above ground pool fiasco. I want to sell it (without the liner). What would be a good starting point to ask for it? Here are the specs: 24' above ground pool (no liner). Will include deck ladder (2 years old), Diver Dave vacuum (4 years old), Hayward...
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    Well, looks like I am revisiting this topic again this year. We are on our 4th liner in 5 years (this one was put in new at closing last year). I have been battling pin-holes all season long and just got through patching about 6 today. We have noticed alot of bugs such as ants, centipedes and...
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    Intex SWG reset switch?

    This is the 2nd full season opening for our Intex SWG. It worked fine until now. I noticed there was no chlorine in the pool, so I immediately checked the machine and it was not even on! I tried multiple outlets and it still wont work. Is there a reset switch on this thing at all?
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    lots of bugs at night!

    I usually enjoy night swimming now that we have purchased a 35 Watt Nitelighter, however, it seems to draw the bugs, mostly mosquitoes. We have a bug zapper that is placed away from the pool area, however, we still seem to get bit, making it less desirable to swim at night. Is there any...
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    idea for Tiki Torches wick cap

    I have about 10 Tiki Torches that I use around my deck and pool, however, the cap that comes with the torch is pretty silly. Either it gets lost or it breaks and then since the torch cannot be covered, when it rains, it dilutes the bottle of oil as well as ruins the wick and it cannot be lit...
  8. J

    gasket interfering with skimmer door

    I just realized that my skimmer gasket is squeezed out and it prevents the skimmer door from opening and closing the way it should. Would it be ok to take a knife and cut the gasket that is causing the problem?
  9. J

    CYA on sale?

    Anyone know of any good sales on CYA this year yet?
  10. J

    constantly fighting holes in new liner

    This pool season has been disastrous. We replaced a 3 year old liner right after we filled the pool up this year because of holes. The new liner seemed to be doing fine, but found there was a small hole last week, so we fixed it, filled up water, etc. I noticed today that the water was a bit...
  11. J

    possible leak around skimmer on inside of AGP

    We replaced the liner this year and it seemed to be pretty good most of the summer. We have not been in the pool in about 3 weeks due to vacations, school, etc and I noticed the water was getting low, a bit lower than normal with evaporation. The first thing I checked was the skimmer by taking...
  12. J

    Going on vacation for 1 1/2 weeks, what to do for vacuum?

    I am leaving for vacation and was wondering, aside of hiring a pool person to take care of the pool, what people do when they need it vacuummed? I have the Diver Dave automatic cleaner which works well, but not sure what to do while I am gone?
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    I have the Nitelighter with the 35 watt bulb. What happens if I try to use a 50 watt bulb?
  14. J

    which liner?

    We are having to bite the bullet this week. After only 2 seasons, we are needing to get a new liner due to some faulty construction, but that is another thread (trust me). Anyways, we need to get a liner. I see 25 and 20 gauge, 25 being thicker, but is it really necessary? If shopping...
  15. J

    Too much salt...

    This is my first year with a SWG. I added a little too much salt, my numbers are 3700 and when I turn on my SWG after it has circulated for about 24 hours, it is giving me a HIGH SALT reading.
  16. J

    New SWG user, low clorine with test results

    I just installed my SWG a couple of days ago. I didn't want to turn it on until I got the debris out of the pool and cleaned good. When the water started looking good, I dumped 320 lbs of salt in and made sure to circulate and filter the pool for at least 24 hrs. I turned on the SWG for the...
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    test strips?

    I am having trouble finding test strips to test the salt for my pool. I just installed the SWG and was ready to put some salt in, but wanted to test it first so I don't put too much in. Walmart sells the regular test strips with the salt test strips for $18, but I don't need all of that. I...
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    CYA pricing

    Anyone have any tips on cheap CYA this year? I remember last year someone posted a URL for some really cheap CYA, was just hoping to find something again this year. :-D
  19. J

    Dogs in pool

    Those of you that let the dog(s) swim in the pool, how do you keep them from tearing the liner all to pieces with their claws? We have a new puppy this year and she seems to show interest in the pool before we even have it open.
  20. J

    Where do you mount your bug zapper?

    I got a 1 acre Flowtron Bug Zapper for Christmas and was just getting it out for the season and was wondering where everyone else mounts or hangs theirs? The manual says to keep it away from decks and pools, unfortunately, I had a great spot setup for it on my deck, away from the pool. Where...
  21. J

    Hard to find Intex part

    I am in need of the Intex 10849 part. I can only find it on the Intex website for $3 and some change, but they want over $6 for shipping. Anyone know of any other place to find it? Would most pool stores have it?
  22. J

    Leaking pool

    Our AGP is in its 2nd season and we are getting ready to close. I notice there is a leak coming from the bottom ring. I was wondering what the policies and procedures for getting warranty help on getting it replaced are? What will the liner company require from me? Will they cover a busted...
  23. J

    water splashing out of skimmer

    Is it normal for the water to splash out of the skimmer all the time, even with the smallest waves in the pool?
  24. J

    show me your built-in deck planters

    We are getting ready to get our deck done for our AGP and I was wanting to incorporate some planters that look like they are built in to the deck, maybe even the entire length of a side on the splash deck. This area will mostly be used for planting of small plants such as hostas and also to...
  25. J

    Pool light

    I am wanting to buy a light for the pool, but all I have come up with is something very expensive or the Intex model which only works with soft sided AGP. Anyone have any ideas for around $50 for my 24' pool? Thanks.
  26. J

    too much coming out of return for diver dave

    I am trying to get my Diver Dave to vacuum and it seems that there is so much coming out of the return jet that it directs him to only one side of the pool or the other, nothing in-between. It seems as if the vacuum is working fine, just too much coming out of the return. Any way to turn this...
  27. J

    backwash port

    I am filling the pool up with water to operating levels and I have noticed that the backwash opening has water dribbling out. I didnt notice this happening last year and this is only our 2nd year opening with a brand new AGP setup. Also, how imperative is it that the pump/filter be completely...
  28. J

    How far is too far for hard plumbing?

    I want to hard pipe my AGP this year and was wondering, based on my specs for my pool and equipment, what is too far to place the pump/filter from the pool itself?
  29. J

    Anyone have experience with this ladder/steps?

    I am getting a deck put in pretty soon and will be needing a new ladder that attaches directly to the deck. I was looking at this one. Does anyone have any experience with this one? I was wondering if it attaches to the deck or the top rail of the pool? Thanks...
  30. J

    hard wire electrical

    I hope to be able to hardwire my electrical this spring, with switches controlling the receptacles. I am getting a SWG and would like to know if I should hardwire that in the same switch with my pump so that when the pump is on, the swg is on, or should it be on a separate switch that operates...