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    Faulty GFCI Breaker and problem pool store...could use some advice.

    Merged threads. Hi guys. My pool pump keeps tripping the breaker so I may have a bad breaker. In the meantime, I have to take care of my pool. I have about 3 PPM of FC in it and PH is around 7.6. TA is around 90. I just added 64 oz of 10% bleach and swished it around with a skimmer net for a...
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    Water Test on New Inground--Feedback Welcome

    Hey guys, I finally tested my water on my new inground pool. It looks pretty cloudy as we have gotten tons of rain. TA - 90 Hardness- 150 PH is 8.2 or more (deep pink) FC - 4.0 (light-ish yellow) CYA is less than 30....could be 0 What I did so far Added 60 oz of Muriatic Acid (20%...
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    Wrinkle in New Vinyl Liner Pool Advice Needed

    Hi Guys: I just got a new 16x32 Vinyl Liner inground pool installed in the last 2 weeks. My 9 year old has been in it but no one else has since we got it as its still pretty cold. I went in yesterday just walking around the shallow end (still pretty cold) and noticed a wrinkle with my feet that...
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    Safety Cover Recommendation on a Budget

    Hey guys, I am in the process of having a 16x32 inground rectangular pool built. The pool store wanted to charge me 1600 for the safety cover but didnt give me brand or material. I opted out of it after finding some online for 5-800.00 . Like this one... Is this good enough ? I can have someone...
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    Landscaping around pool software ?

    Hey guys I am in the process of getting a 16x32 rectangular Vinyl liner pool installed and I am trying to find good free software(or very inexpensive) to help design my backyard. We have a 12x16 concrete slab off our patio door that we currently have a pergola and a table and chairs. We intend...
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    Building 16x32 Pool, no jets, no heat. Just the pool. 7.5 feet deep...Will Variable pump benefit me ?

    Hey guys: I ordered a 16x32 pool that is 7.5 on the deep end. It comes with an Heyward max flo SP2310X15. My pool sales guy thinks Variable pumps would not be useful in my situation(not sure if I agree) being I do not have any extras, but I was thinking maybe a 2 speed pump will be of use to me...
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    Went to Order 16x32 Rectangular Pool and this happened...

    Hey guys: I had my heart set on a 16x32 pool with a 8 ft deep end until I realized that a large portion of the pool will be only 40" deep and the rest will be slope and then 8 ft deep. I have a family of 4 and wanted more playable area with a little more depth. My builder is using 42"panels and...
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    Pool Pricing in Southern PA Reading Area--35K for a 14x28 vinyl liner pool ??

    Hey guys. I am interested in getting an inground pool and have been getting some very high quotes compared to what I am seeing others pay online. I have a giant relatively flat backyard and was quoted 35K (pool and base equipment/cover) for a 14x28 vinyl pool. I am in the reading PA area. I...
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    Having trouble finding a semi inground pool installer in Berks County PA

    I have called several pool installers in my area and none of them do semi-inground pools. They either do straight up above ground or JUST inground. I received a quote from a company near Reading and they told me a semi inground pool will cost almost the same as an inground (23k for semi...
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    Buried AGP vs Inground pool

    Hi guys: I have had a beautiful 21' AGP for the past 4 years with no issues whatsoever using the BBB method. Super easy to maintain. We are moving to a brand new home with a GIANT 1.5 acre backyard and are already considering pool options. Its a blank slate. 4 years ago when we looked at...
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    OK to swim in pool with some green spots on liner on floor ?

    Just wondering. We went away for a few days and got a ton of rain and now the pool has 0 chlorine in it and some light green stains around the pool. I ran a vaccumm over it and they kinda go away and I added enough bleach to bring it up to 5 PPM.
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    What is this in my pool ?

    My pool measures out pretty clean chemical wise but after vacuuming thoroughly I noticed a few hours later what looked like leaves in the bottom of my pool. I went to scoop it out with a net and it desolved when I got close. So I turned the pump on high and made ALL of it turn to dust hoping the...
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    Liquid Stabilizer vs Powder

    Not sure where to buy Liquid CYA for a reasonable price or if its better to use than powdered stabilizer. I am assuming if I buy liquid, it will be measurable immediately ? Thanks.
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    Understanding CYA and PH

    Hi guys. I am having trouble measuring my CYA. BY all accounts, I should have level 25 of CYA, but when I do the tube test, I can see the black dot (very faintly), no matter what. What am I doing wrong ? (by the way I put in this CYA directly into the skimmer a week ago) Also ---based upon how...
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    Heyward S244T Problems

    Hi guys: I opened my pool a few weeks ago and was able to get the water clear and balanced. However I am having a few issues with my filter I think. 1) It has a very slight leak along the top of the filter where the multiport valve meets the filter. I have tightened the two screws to no avail...
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    Need advice on how high to raise chlorine to shock

    Hey guys. My pool was light green with all kinds of dirt in it after a crappy pool cover fell apart over the winter. I was unable to read the CYA level because I ran out of the chemical used to test that. So--is it safe to assume that over the winter it would be down to zero ? So Prior to...
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    Is this Home Depot product Dichlor or Trichlor ?

    Hi guys: Opened my pool this past weekedn only to find it was green due to pool cover falling apart and all kinds of muck sitting in it over winter. I went to home depot and bought this...
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    Going away for a week-recommendations on how to leave my AGP

    Hi guys: I am going on my first vacation in 3 years with my family (OBX baby !) and I had a couple questions on how to leave my AGP. I have the filter set to go on low speed about 8 hours a day. I was thinking of doing the following. Bring the pool up to shock level (about 15), put the pool...
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    Is my Heyward pump now dead ?

    I have a Hayward SP15922S Power-Flo Matrix 2 speed pump. This morning the hose that goes from the pump to the filter input came off, the pump tipped over and water gushed out everywhere. I caught it and turned it off, but after trying to start it hours later it now will not come on. I thought...
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    Cant find manual air relief valve on my Heyward S244t. Help!

    Hi guys. I seem to have a small leak in my pump/filter system. I've read the manual for the S244T & it says be sure to open the manual air relief valve, but i can't find it. I have a hayward pro series s244t sand filter. Can someone assist ?
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    Safe to put on cover with chlorine level of 15 ?

    I brought the chlorine level up to 15(shock level for my size pool), Is it ok to put the pool cover on at this level or should I wait a few days (and probably get more leaves blown in and have to vacuum again) for the chlorine to level off ?
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    Hayward Pump leaking when pump is off

    Hi guys. MY pump leaks when I turn it off. Right around the circular cap that goes over the basket. Ive had this issue before and found the problem was because I didnt put the cap on flush. This time, I made sure when I reset the cap I put it on carefully and twisted it on pretty tight. The O...
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    Stagger pump run times ? or one long run ?

    just wondering --I have a heyward 2 speed pump. I run it on low for 12 hours straight. I put it on high when I add chemicals or vacuum.
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    Hayward SP15922S--how long to run on low?

    I have a Hayward SP15922S Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump 2-Speed and I run it on low for my 21 fr pool. My water is pretty darn clear as I keep up with the maintenance. am I running my pump TOO long ? I believe my pool is about 10,400 gallons. I am not sure how much HP my pump puts out. I...
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    Leakingg pump when off

    I have a heyward 2 speed pump. It works well but I notice when its off it likes around the filter basket. The lid is on tight nad thers no air in it, If I tighten it anymore I may break it. Suggestions ?
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    High PH after adding Borax and Swimming.

    Well I thought I had this pool chemical thing licked but I'm a little confused. My current measurements. FC 1.5 CYA 25 TA 110 PH 8.2+ Yesterday AM my measurements were FC .5 CYA 25 TA 70 PH 6.8 I added about 8 ounces of Trichlor yesterday to bring up the chlorine (which was at .5 in the am...
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    Pool Timer for twist lock plug with 1.5HP pump

    Hi guys. I have a 2 speed 1.5 HP pump. I have it pluuged in with a twist lock plug. I assume that means I have to have a twist lock timer ? Any idea of the best place to get one ? It seems the twist lock ones are double the price of the regular oness.
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    Thoughts on AGP fences ?

    Hi guys. I am really enjoying my AGP but would like to add a resin fence for safety and looks. Something like this. ... 310500.htm A couple questions: 24" or 36" --does it matter for vacuuming ? On that it hard to vacuum with these fences ...
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    Current measurements--Questions about CYA and TA

    Added a pound of shock last night to raise the FC and the CYA FC-8 PH-7.3 CYA-30 TA-120 Pool looks pretty darn blue. Two questions. I have the TF-100 kit. 1) When you do the CYA test are you supposed to wait till you totally cant see the black dot at all ? 2) For the TA test, I know it says...
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    Can I let pool overflow ?

    Hi guys. I keep my pool level pretty high for vacuuming purposes and because Im 6'3''. :) The water level is just below the skimmer. Last night we got a ton of rain so I put the filter on backwash with the pump off and just let it flow out to the back of my yard. So this morning as I am...