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    It's finally clean!

    After fighting with my pool for over a month because I didn't cover it for the winter, the pool is finally CLEAN. I vacuumed the last of the dirt off the bottom and added liquid CYA to it today. The fine folks at Leslie's Pool claim the CYA will be fully disolved in 24 hours because I bought...
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    Boy do I have a mess to deal with!

    Well, all I have to say is I didn't cover my pool. Well, I did cover it finally on April 30th because I had my son's First Holy Communion party. So, I'm going to uncover it today, in the 99 degree heat and fill it up and get the filter running. MY question is, since it's been covered for a...
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    Where did all my CYA go

    Ok, I've been doing BBB since about the second week in July. Overall, I have been very pleased with the results, though I have cursed it a few times when I needed to add bleach at 8:00 PM and was completely out of it. Anyway, I am using test strips to test my water, because budget did not...
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    Accidentally used scented bleach.

    Poured in 96 oz of fresh scent beach in the pool and it was in before I realized the label was green instead of blue. Is there anything anything I need to worry about? It's been over 24 hours since I poured it in. Andy
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    Cover sinks into pool every year

    I've had my house for 9 years and every single year, after the pool thaws in the spring, the pool cover sinks into the pool. I can never find a hole anywhere and replacing the cover every year is getting old...
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    Bubbles on the surface...

    Ok, I'm wrapping up week 1 of BBB and I am amazed at how nice the water in the pool looks. The only thing that strikes me as odd, is that after the kids splash around in the pool, bubbles form on the surface of the water and then they pop a few seconds later. The same thing happens when it...
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    Will liquid bleach lower the pH?

    On Friday my pH was 8.0. I added bleach to the pool Friday night and again tonight and my pH is now 6.8. I'm going to add borax to bring it up. How long do I have to wait after adding borax before I can go in? Andy
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    Started BBB Yesterday

    Went out and bought some 6% store brand bleach and was impressed that my chlorine levels were at 5 ppm in the morning, and were 2 PPM when I checked at night. I went and added more bleach tonight to get it to 5 PPM and went to the store to get some borax to get the pH up from 7.0 to 7.5. The...