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    CYA / Acid Demand relationship

    fwiw to the original discussion i also came by this article on the orenda site, basically confirming what @JoyfulNoise said: Why salt systems raise pH Chlorine gas is acidic, and sodium hydroxide is basic. They...
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    CYA / Acid Demand relationship

    This makes perfect sense, thank you for the explanation.
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    CYA / Acid Demand relationship

    Why is this important? It is probably about 90-100 considering it was originally at 70ish ta and then after drain and fill, I was back to 90 and have since dropped it to 60.
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    CYA / Acid Demand relationship

    Good day all- Recently installed a SWG and was just reading the fllwng article: Water Balance for SWGs I don't quite understand this section from it: qte Second adjust CYA to between 70 and 80. The biggest mistake that many SWG owners make is NOT having enough CYA in the water! This can...
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    Cell life - Runtime vs Load // and CYA levels

    Good day all- Recently installed a circupool edge 25, and I have a few questions due to seeing some conflicting info on the forum.... Question 1: What determines the life of a SWG cell? Is it gross hours run (regardless of percentage) or do the plates just have a total lifetime chlorine...
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    New House with (my first) Pool

    Good day all, in the process of closing on a new house that has a pool and I have been putting myself through pool school here in preparation to hit the ground running with this. Quick background, I have never owned a pool, nor come from a family that has ever owned a pool so it's all new to...