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  1. tim_pool_newbie

    Dirt filled pool opening

    Due to a backyard renovation project last summer we went a year without opening the pool. Just left the mesh cover in place to prevent debris from falling in during construction. Well unfortunately dirt still got through and I opened it today to discover the water is so dirty you cannot see the...
  2. tim_pool_newbie

    Is my Jandy 2HP pump dead?

    Well I wound up moving forward with a replacement before checking back here, but I did almost everything you suggested!! I went with a single speed though (direct replacement of what I had), but did get it through INYO Pools and even upgraded to the saltwater seal. Hopefully the new pump will...
  3. tim_pool_newbie

    Is my Jandy 2HP pump dead?

    After 11 successful summers, I think my Jandy PlusHP (model PHPM2.0) pool pump has finally breathed its last. But while I'm searching for a replacement, I thought I'd give this forum a chance to see if anyone can help me with anything I can do to repair the current one. As I tried starting the...
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  8. tim_pool_newbie

    Vacless SVRS leaking

    Can anyone help me with this? Does the device in these pics look like it’s in the open position? How much do I tighten the top plate to increase spring tension? I don’t want to break it
  9. tim_pool_newbie

    Vacless SVRS leaking

    Hi all, I've been noticing air blowing into the pool via the returns, and after checking all the usual suspects - clogged skimmers, pump basket, loose plumbing connections, etc., I feel like the Vacless SVRS (Model: SVRS10ADJ) may be the culprit. Referring to the attached pics of the device, I...
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  12. tim_pool_newbie

    Steps in Converting to a SWG pool

    I see you've already received lots of great responses with good technical info, so I won't add to that. But I will provide a testimonial that I converted to a SWG last summer and I could smack myself that I hadn't done it sooner. The install process was simple and took me no more than about 30...
  13. tim_pool_newbie

    Saltwater damage to natural boulder waterfall?

    All great points you make!! These are actual large granite (??) boulders that were brought in by truck to create the waterfall. They are each cemented in place, so maybe it's the fear of salt damage to the cement?? I believe I heard this advice on this forum originally, but can't find it now...
  14. tim_pool_newbie

    Saltwater damage to natural boulder waterfall?

    I've added my location to my profile. I live in Nazareth, PA (Northeast PA). I haven't tested my pool for salt, but who knows given the amount of rain we've had lately!
  15. tim_pool_newbie

    Saltwater damage to natural boulder waterfall?

    I've been a loyal TFP subscriber and BBB method follower since I first installed my pool almost 10 years ago. But I must now admit that lugging all those bottles of bleach back from the store and remembering to pour them into the pool on a regular basis is starting to weigh on me. I'm...
  16. tim_pool_newbie

    Raypak Heater Rollout Switch Keeps Blowing

    I know this is an older post, but hoping to get some additional info. I've suffered from blown out rollout switches almost every summer for the past few years. I call a local pool service company and they come out and "clean out" the heater, install a new switch and it runs fine for a while...
  17. tim_pool_newbie

    Identify this skimmer weir

    Indeed you are correct. Actually, after posting my message I started looking more closely at my pics and realized the skimmer cover had a small name imprinted on it - AstralPool. A quick Google search finally led me to identifying this as an Astral Pool weir and a few minutes later I was able...
  18. tim_pool_newbie

    Identify this skimmer weir

    I need to replace the weir flap on one of my skimmers, but unsure what brand this is. Can anyone help identify make/model/part number?? If this helps, the pool was built in PA in 2010 by Anthony & Sylvan.
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  26. tim_pool_newbie

    Skimmer tile repair

    Thought there'd be more posts on this topic, but I couldn't really find anything specific, so apologies if posts exist and I just missed them.... I have a few tiles in and around my skimmer area that have come off, and wanting to know the best way to repair them. Saw a few YouTube videos making...
  27. tim_pool_newbie

    Safety Rope Connector Replacement

    I have a safety rope that came with my IG pool that connects with plastic knob connectors that slip into pre-installed holders on either side of the pool. One of the connectors on the safety rope broke and I'm looking for a replacement. Because where it connects into the sidewall on the pool...
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  29. tim_pool_newbie

    Dolphin's new "S series"

    Update: Within minutes of posting my last message, the local pool store called me with a price of $1475 for the Dolphin S300i. Seems a bit high from what I've heard others say they spent. Have others paid this much?
  30. tim_pool_newbie

    Dolphin's new "S series"

    For anyone who has purchased the Dolphin S300i (or S300), did you purchase it locally from your distributor? I found through the Maytronics website who the local distributor was in my area (local pool store), so I went in to inquire about a price and although they do in fact sell and service...