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    raypak 266 Milivolt NG won't fire

    Use an OHM meter to check the switch for resistance instead of firing the parts cannon. It should read 0 ohms. Power piles do go bad over time and loose their ability to output power. Also they can be cleaned if they are dirty which will cause a low power output.
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    Bonding issue

    It is hard to tell...but in that picture it looks like the blue tapcon screw is bonding the neutral bar to the box (screw behind the incoming neutral) It may just be the angle at which the picture is taken. Easiest way to tell is to check continuity between the box and neutral bar
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    pucks in a floater won't do any good if there isn't circulation
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    Hayward H150 limiter switches

    The wiring schematic on page16 of this link... shows 5 limit switches in the schematic.
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    GFI For Amp Power Exterior Speakers

    The only component of a speaker system that would need to be bonded would be the box/case/shell/etc if it were made of a conductive material and withing the NEC's described distances from the water. Since the speaker voltage is nothing more than a complex transformer circuit, the speakers/wiring...
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    Hayward H400IDCAL

    Clean the flame sensor. Also make sure all of the burners are lighting...if not remove them and clean them
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    Constant rain in Missouri

    haven't opened mine yet. Warmest day here has been mid 70's for a whole 1 day. Mostly in the mid 60's.
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    Just a thought... do you smell gas when the valve opens? The gas valve should flow at least 5 seconds before the flame sense circuit shuts it down. Dan
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    Per James... Make sure the air doors and burner tubes are clear. If the gas valve is opening something is preventing the gas from getting to the igniter. At this point I would not throw any money at the electronics. It seems they are all working as they should. Dan
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    When the as valve opens, there should be a click. Some are not very loud. Check for 24 volts at the valve when it is signaled to open with a volt meter.
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    The flame sensor does not come into play until the burners have lit...kind of. Have you checked the orifices to ensure they are clear? If the igniter is lighting, then the controller is working. The way the sequence works is this. Call for heat Blower fan on. proving switch closes. Igniter on...
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    Pentair MiniMax NT heater w/DDTC does not ignite

    If the system is working , the output wire to the igniter will have voltage on it. I wouldn't condemn the igniter at 123 ohms yet. If the error light is showing an air flow problem, then the vacuum switch is either bad or the system is clogged up somewhere. This is not what this is for. The...
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    Laars XL pool Heater lights for only 5 seconds

    Seems pretty symptomatic of a dirty flame sensor Dan
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    Hayward 150 natural gas pilot flame

    Could be a couple of things...The pilot orifice could have gotten larger somehow. The line gas pressure is too high. Maybe trying to overcome a too small pipe. The gas valve may be out of adjustment somehow. You need to have someone come in and measure the water column on the gas line to verify Dan
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    Question on heat cycling...

    The only way to know for sure is to watch what the temperature drop is over a day or two period. As it is now, (based on my gas costs) your heater is costing about $4/hr to run so to come up 10 deg it will cost about $16. If the water temp drops that much over night, each night, then it will...
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    How to Open Above Ground Pool

    I use a wet/dry shop vac to clean the cover off them simply slide it off. nothing into the water that a couple hours of filtering won't clean up
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    Pool pump no longer runs on low, and blows the circuit breaker when set to high

    Then my bet is on a shorted winding in the motor
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    Help with bonding resin pool

    The real intent of the code wants the 4 evenly spaced bond connections around the perimeter of the pool. Putting 4 "evenly" spaced on the seam is not the intent of the code. The bonding "grid" is as follows...a wire #8 buried 12-18 inches from the pool wall and 6" deep the entire perimeter of...
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    Pool pump no longer runs on low, and blows the circuit breaker when set to high

    Are all of the wires connected in the back of the motor when you have the cover off? The symptoms sound almost like a loose wire that fell across another terminal.
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    New pool heater or repair?

    If the heat exchanger is not leaking it will at least need to be exposed and cleaned by what I see of the burners. Those burners need to be cleaned as well. As others have said, the symptoms you described are not indicative of a bad heat exchanger other than it may need to be cleaned. The...
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    Pentair MiniMax NT heater w/DDTC does not ignite

    some of these systems look for an open switch on the vacuum switch prior to start to verify that it is not jumpered and then when the switch closes allows the system to start. Have you verified that the igniter is getting power? should be 120 volts on a 120 system and 240 on a 240 system. Check...
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    Calcium chunks falling on burner causing roll out.

    You won't have calcium on the outside of the burner tubes. The calcium buildup happens on the water side of the tube when the water boils in the tube due to low water flow. The problem you have sounds like the refractory material on the sides of the burner chamber is failing and dropping down
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    I doubt it is the HSI. These either work or don't work. There is no middle ground on them. I would start by ensuring all connections are tight as this is most likely the problem. I would also start by using a VOM to test the circuits when it is acting up to see where the power interruption is. Dan
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    Heater and lights issues

    Can't help with the lights, but the heater sounds like it needs some maintenance/cleaning. Probably clogged orifices and burner tubes preventing the gas from igniting properly Dan
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    What type of breakers for pool panel?

    Per NEC codes, you also need to use an insulated ground wire Dan
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    Bad Capacitor?

    A HVAC Supply house should have a capacitor to match the start cap in your motor. Some are consumer friendly and some are not. I have two near me that both will sell components to the general public.
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    Pool Heater not heating pool enough - undersized?

    With 375,000# of water the best that heater can do is just under a 1*/hour temp rise. That will be if the air temp is higher than the water temp. Not sure of the air temps where you are but, any water temp above the ambient is going to loose heat rapidly. the loss will be faster the greater the...
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    Pentair MiniMax Heater Won't Ignite

    Did you clean the flame sensor? These work on a milivolt level and any oxidation/corrosion/dirt/ etc will cause them to not work. The best way to clean these is to "polish" them with a crisp $1 bill. Fold it a couple times, wrap it around the probe an "sand" away. The symptoms you expressed...
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    Hayward H250IDL2 Ignition issues - IF Code

    If you have the unit to the point that the igniter is working, gas valve opens and gas is flowing, then the only problem is the burner tubes. Are you sure the orifices in the tubes are clear, air doors are open and gas flow is actually coming in contact with the igniter? Also, Cherry red on the...
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    Hayward H400IDL2 Heater

    The induced draft blower is under the top sheet metal cover. Dan