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    DIY Hayward Aqua Plus

    I'm considering installing a Hayward AquaPlus to replace my aging Polaris EOQ. Mostly I need to replace the SWCG so might as well replace it all since Polaris is a dead company. I don't know for sure if I need the Plus or the Plus-16V. It looks like the only difference is 4 relays vs 8...
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    Installing a Hayward ARQ9

    Hey guys. I have a home with an older Polaris board and Polaris SaltWater generator. I've been told that Polaris is out of business, and my SWG no longer works. I've been using bleach for 2 years. Very tired of it. My Polaris board still works just fine, but I'd like to replace the SWG...
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    R-0012 drop size

    I did some searching and have found others mentioning this issue. I understand the static issue, but it is not in reference to R-0012. My CH is showing VERY high, but the R-0012 drops are MUCH smaller than any of the other droppers in the kit. They're tiny, and come out in very quick spurts...
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    Vacuuming to waste

    I know the pool stores say to always vacuum to waste. What say you guys? Growing up we never vacuumed to waste. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First test results with TF100

    My first TF100 kit arrived a couple days ago, and I managed to get some test results this evening. I've been adding a gallon of bleach (8.5%) for almost a week, except for the last two days I've been adding a gallon of 10% I picked up at Walmart. There are a few light green spots on the pool...
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    Brushing is king?

    So while I've been waiting on my TF100 kit to arrive, I've been going through old threads and just soaking things in. In the past (going back to my teenage years when I helped maintain my grandparents pool), we seldom brushed the pool unless there was noticeable algae on the walls. My...
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    First Post on my new (to me) pool

    Hi guys. I've got info in my signature, so here's my first stab at this. I ordered the TF100 kit this morning, so no good data until next week. I have test strips, which the pool store has checked and said they are accurate (though they seldom line up with their reports). I can give test...
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    Occasional lurker that has joined here

    Hey, guys. I've stumbled upon this site in the past a few times when searching for pool help. I'm so tired of being confused and getting conflicting info from my local pool stores. So I just joined with the intent of posting up details about my situation and learning as best as I can from all...