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  1. joshlarsen

    Multiple SLAMs with in 13 days. What am I doing wrong?

    If you don’t want to read a book about how I got here feel free to jump down to “The Problem” section. In short the history is that I had just performed a SLAM and passed an OCLT 13 days ago. The History: Hey guys looking for some help. We’ve had water in our pool for about 90 days and after...
  2. joshlarsen

    New plaster terrible tile job, Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    So we got new plaster yesterday and the plaster turned out pretty well but they also put tile lines along the steps and my opinion is they did a terrible job. Acid wash is planned for today. I had this in my build thread but pulled it out to get attention so I can maybe have some idea what to do...
  3. joshlarsen

    Outdoor Kitchen Counter Material - Lueder?

    Were in the build process for our pool, firepit, and outdoor kitchen. We never really discussed the type of material for our counter top with the PB but they are planning to install lueder. I have some concern with lueder being very porous and how bad the oils and grease from the gill will stain...
  4. joshlarsen

    Light Location - Would you make PB change it

    The plumbers put the pipes in for the lights in the pool today and the one on the deep end is atleast 15 inches higher than the one on the shallow end. It looks to me like it will be about 13 inches below the surface of the water. I'm feeling like I should make them lower the deep end one to...
  5. joshlarsen

    Autofill Valve Type, Which type best?

    My pool builder is putting in a MP industries auto fill with a valve like the one pictured below but it seems you see the toilet valve type more often. Has anyone experienced one type being better than the other? Rebar and plumbing to go in starting next week so now's the time to change if any.
  6. joshlarsen

    New Pool Build Leander, TX(Austin) - Finishing Touches

    I started a thread back in May (Finalizing PB Quoting and Equipment List, Austin, TX) to get your inputs to help us finalize our build quotes. Well dig day has finally arrived and my poor yard is a disaster zone, But for the better :) Pool Info and Timeline so far below. I will keep posting...
  7. joshlarsen

    Finalizing PB Quoting and Equipment List, Austin, TX

    Hey TFP, I have been lurking around here(a lot) for little over a month learning and taking in all the great knowledge from all you great people while we have been shopping around for pool builders. I have never been involved with a pool build, pool equipment, or pool upkeep in the past but am...