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    Need some advice for using Muriatic Acid

    Great...common sense advice. I check my PH about 15 minutes after and again in a hour or so (i have good circulation). If I am still real high...I top off the acid. Also, not sure where this 32 oz limit comes from...unless they are basing it solely on the size/gallons for your pool. However, the...
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    Jumping in the deep end!

    You will be fine. TFP has lots of people willing to help - good place. I have been around pools most my life, but still learning a lot too. But is is all worth it, you will build up your knowledge.
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    Introduction - Oaks Getting Over Pool

    I have used/referred to TFP for few months, so just joined today. I've been a pool owner most my life-love having a Pool, but they can be testy to say the least, even in best of locations. I do my own maintenance as well. I have plenty more, but will start with this one: My Biggest pool issue...