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    Aqua Rite Calibration Question

    After testing my salt level with the K-1766 test kit this morning, and getting a reading of 3000 ppm, I attempted to reset the average salt level. It starts out high and drops down to 3800 ppm. That is the lowest it will go. Will that cause any problems if it doesn't match up closely with the...
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    Salt Reading

    I used the sock in the skimmer also. Hopefully it will be around 60 and then I can start working towards 80 ppm.
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    Salt Reading

    Thanks. I put the stabilizer in a few days ago. How long does it take to completely dissolve usually?
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    Salt Reading

    I just had my liner replaced in my Above Ground Pool last week and I had assumed the salt reading would be 0 or fairly low since it was a new liner, but I still only put 8 40lb bags in my pool according to Pool Math to get the level to 2500. I tested it this morning with the K-1766 Salt Test and...
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    Goldline Aqua Rite not displaying t-xx on diagnostic

    I also have version 1.4 on my Aquarite Goldline. I had to replace the t-cell a couple of years ago to a T-15. If I can't change the setting, will it automatically select the current t-cell size. I know on one of the videos I saw that the T-15 cell would work on versions before 1.5.
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    Replacement Rails

    I have a 24' pool that needs top rails replaced due to rust. I believe someone told me it was a Paradise pool. Can someone look at the picture and tell me the brand of this pool and where the rails can be purchased fairly cheap.
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    CYA Mystery

    About a month ago, I had water tested at Pinch A Penny and they said my CYA was around 90 or a little higher. I took out the tablets and haven't used them since. I had an algae problem a few weeks ago and got it cleared. I also recently purchased a SWG and got my new TFTest Kit in today...
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    Question with new pool

    I just got a 24' round pool that holds 13,500 Gallons. I have no chlorine in yet and I was wondering how much I need to add. I have a 1.5 gallon container of Suncoast Liquid Chlorine and was wondering how much I need to add for a startup? My results are the following: TA-110 pH-7.2 TC-0 CYA...
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    I have been adding the daily 2 ppm of bleach every day for the last month or so but I am starting to see some signs of algae trying to develop. I live in FL and it has been hot for the past week or so. How can I keep this from happening? I try to hit the target of FC around 7 or 8 but it...
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    pH question?

    I just tested the levels this week and had the following: pH 7.7 CYA 50 TA 120 FC 5 My question is, over the last week and a half my pH has stayed the same. Is this normal? I am using the bleach to add the 2ppm daily. I know the reading for pH is ideal at that level. I just wanted to know...
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    Question about TA

    First, I would like to say everyone is very helpful on here. My question is, on the pool calculator it shows for my vinyl pool that TA should be between 70-90. Last week it was 110 and when I checked it this past Monday it was 130. My pH has stayed around 7.6 and my CYA is 50. I was...
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    Getting FC Right

    I found the problem. It was a dumb user error. I was using the reagents from last year. I tried the new one I bought a couple weeks ago and my FC shows higher than the 5. I will be ordering the TF kit within the next week. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Getting FC Right

    These are my readings from this morning: CYA 50 PH 7.6 FC 2 TA 130 I had an algae problem and did the shocking procedure with bleach to get the algae under control. I have been doing as suggested with adding the daily ppm with bleach at night to make up for the loss with the sun. I can't seem...
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    Question About FC

    Ok, I will work with that goal. Also, I read on here where it says to add chlorine at night. I run my pump during the day. Is it better to run it at night when I add the chlorine or run it during the day?
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    Question About FC

    On the pool calculator it states my FC goal is between 4 and 8. I haven't got the TF test kit yet and I am using a test kit from Pinch A Penny. My question is, why does it show on the FC test that anything above 5 is too high? Am I still supposed to get it between 4 and 8 or is 5 really too high?
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    Shocking Question

    As long as my FC stays within the normal level for my pool, do I just add the daily ppm to maintain the level or bring it to shock level after a heavy rain?
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    Test Readings

    Does the pool calculator figure the ppm for daily sanitizing with bleach? Also, if my FC is 4 when I checked it this morning should I add bleach or wait to check it again in the morning to see if it drops? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, since I live in FL and we have been getting heavy rains, do I...
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    Test Readings

    Here are my first test readings. I am using the BBB method with bleach. I know it said I need to get the TA between 70 and 90 with the pool calculator and I am working on that now. Should I still sanitize with bleach today since the FC is 4? FC 4 pH 7.6 TA 110 CYA 45
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    Algae & Cloudy Water

    How often should I shock it then since my CYA is so high? My pool is about 4000 gallons.
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    Algae & Cloudy Water

    I live in Florida and with all the rain lately and working 12 hour shifts my pools had some algae. I have gotten it to clear some but can't quite get it beat. I have an Intex 16X42 pool, pumps 800gph. My readings from Pinch a Penny yesterday were the following: FC-5.0 pH-7.8 Alkalinity-120...