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    Chemicals needed for pool

    What chemicals are needed for a 14ft round x 48 inch Bestway Power Steel pool? Soft sides (vinyl)
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    Thank you so much!
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    "Permanent" Rectangle Above Ground Pool with Decking Recommendations

    Have you looked at the AquaStar pools? Curious if there is a dealer in your area? I was recently introduced to this pool and have a new dealer in Arkansas but need more info and testimonials about this pool before I agree to buy. It's an on ground pool that is permanent but can be semi- in...
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    AquaStar On ground pool

    Hello, I just joined this group. Last year I put up a Bestway soft wall metal frame pool. We are possibly looking at a more permanent solution. We don't want to do in ground. There is a company called AquaStar On Ground Pools that is out of MI. There has never been a dealer of those pools in...
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    Hello, I'm looking forward to learning from this group! Last year mid summer we put up a 14ft x 52" soft wall Bestway pool with the metal frame. This is the first time I've ever put a pool up and feel like I spent way too much money on chemicals. I would take a water sample to a local pool...