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  1. Toxophilite

    Why the 18" min water depth for Pentair Spabrite?

    I have MicroBrites and that's my ledge light depth.
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    I find that the large, moveable, umbrellas work best. The sun moves, and so does the shade. When my pool water reaches the 90-degree state, shade doesn't lower the water temp, but, it makes the ambient so much nicer that your swim feels much cooler. In the end, though, everything is more...
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    Do I need to pay for engineering, 3D and permits?

    When I was going to build my home as contractor, I paid over $16K in architect, engineering, and some permitting work before I even razed first blade of grass. Entire project got sidelined in favor of custom builder who could turn-key the project much easier on me and more cost effective. When...
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    Do I need to pay for engineering, 3D and permits?

    An approved permit is verification on site plan layout and pool design. If not approved, it's back to layout design and engineering. You may not have been in the loop, but it does not necessarily mean construction was assumed to begin, though usually go hand in hand as permits have expiration...
  5. Toxophilite

    Featured Adding irrigation valve to use as fill valve

    I think you will have issue with irrigation valve closing after open. If it can't evacuate, the diaphragm can't close. With sprinkler systems, they don't fully close till almost all pressure and volume can evacuate via the sprinkler heads.
  6. In Sink Erator.jpg

    In Sink Erator.jpg

  7. Toxophilite

    Enough space for pool supply/return lines? Before or after foundation?

    Yeah, I know even when it happens with drain pipes, first clue seems to only be when structure weight causes slab failure.
  8. Toxophilite

    Enough space for pool supply/return lines? Before or after foundation?

    I'm suspect of pressure lines under/through structure foundation.
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    Looking for ideas to help with coping nightmare

    Is there a reason it could not look like this now? Assuming your yard had a sloped grade to keep water away from house and porch as it should, I would think the PB set elevation of pool to at least elevation of existing deck. That's not taking into consideration elevation issue he may have...
  10. Toxophilite

    Would you buy one with the remote control feature again?

    I use my remote drive to turn to me and and climb out. Only other option would be to try to do it from the control panel, which is too far under porch, or pull on cable, which I don't want to do with swivel. Live without??? How much we talking in $$$ would decide that.
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    Spa level drops when in freeze protection mode

    As posted above, yes, you can set actuator to not fully close spa return when in pool mode, causing spa fill and spillway when switched to pool during freeze. Also, some PB's, like my setup, plumb in a make-up, bypass, line and valve at pad. With this, a valve can be turned to set anywhere...
  12. Toxophilite

    Polaris ALPHA IQ Robot

    Yes, it cleans side walls. It climbs stairs and benches, but still brush them down occasionally since it can't get flat on them all the times. The factory filter is fine mesh enough for my needs.
  13. Toxophilite

    Polaris ALPHA IQ Robot

    I have the VRX IQ, same cleaner basically, and no complaints other than pricey compared to similar cleaners. I got it because Leslie's was extending on the factory warranty, and can get repaired/replaced under them just minutes from house. Didn't want to mail order any warranty issues.
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    Looking for ideas to help with coping nightmare

    What is the height of all this in relation to house elevation? Seems if pool was set 8" too high it would have affected elevation requirements on drainage/run-off to house. When you say pool was supposed to be flush with ground, the converse is true. You can't have pool set lower to what the...
  15. Toxophilite

    Tanning Ledge Bubbler Dirt

    Being flat, shallow, and out of circulation and where pool cleaner can go, my ledge collects wind blown dust. I just brush it to pool. Try brushing it down before running the bubblers and see if comes back.
  16. Toxophilite

    Travertine Filler

    It's probably the epoxy used during sizing and finish stage after quarry. You usually don't notice it because it blends, but can work loose.
  17. Toxophilite

    White streaks in new pool?

    As others stated. Do not acid wash. That's pretty typical and considered pretty normal expectations if you read the plaster manufacturers' warranties. Light streaks and darker mottling are just part of it with darker finishes. But, it does fade more over time, whereas mine is going on first...
  18. Toxophilite

    Variable Speed Pumps Maximum Speed.

    They just started putting those infernal things here! I'm one of those that stop much in it, and it's not because I don't understand them from being somewhat traveled, but locals here don't, and you have to stop in order to get a read on their intentions.
  19. Toxophilite

    Skimmer return port

    That nozzle you see in the return port is supposed to "jet" across to the pool return port and create a "venturi" action, pulling water down from top on its way across. "If" it can overcome the suction of the skimmer suction port and not just go right back to the pump. Mine's plumbed like...
  20. Toxophilite

    Skimmer return port

    It's my understanding that the function of an equalizer port, and not all skimmers will be equipped, is a feature to allow water to be drawn from lower equalizer opening in pool (or to main drain) if water level dropped or basket/skimmer obstructed . But, in order to function, there's more...
  21. Toxophilite

    Raise spa blower height to accommodate equip change?

    If you were my PB it would be fine, as mine was set to nearly touch the eave of the house!!!! Will not hurt to raise by extension.
  22. Toxophilite

    Variable Speed Pumps Maximum Speed.

    Agree! I think PB's are in a role not unlike the mortgage business. The consumer is more shopping what the payment is going to be over what is in their best interest. They want the house, will take hit that it might not be the best deal and cost more in the end, but that payment is going to...
  23. Toxophilite

    Variable Speed Pumps Maximum Speed.

    I will firmly admit that when we bought this pool, it was my wife mostly who dealt with the PB, and I didn't think about these things and on silent revolt. Not that it's not my area of home improvement, but I wasn't that hip on having the pool at the time. Thought it was just going to cost to...
  24. Toxophilite

    Variable Speed Pumps Maximum Speed.

    Agree! You were probably around at the time, but what really moved the use of variable speed pumps to what it is now? Was it demand or regulation? Was wondering if consumers were really that interested in energy savings on their pools, other than the few that understood the difference enough...
  25. Toxophilite

    Variable Speed Pumps Maximum Speed.

    Great idea, but I would imagine inventory costs would dictate over the benefits to pool owners.
  26. Toxophilite

    green pool, high copper questions

    As previously stated, daily ain't enough. You should be testing hourly and never let the FC drop below SLAM level. Every time you let it fall to -0-, all your gains are for naught. A Taylor kit does not test for 1/2 the items you listed, so not sure where you are getting your test numbers...
  27. Toxophilite

    Skimmer return port

    If you never hear of them again, you are probably better off :) Good idea, but added plumbing for little benefit, in my opinion. I think most of that 50% advertised just recirculates to pump.
  28. Venturi Skimmer.png

    Venturi Skimmer.png

  29. Toxophilite

    Skimmer return port

    It's called a venturi skimmer. The flow of return water across the bottom from a nozzle creates added suction on the skimmer, or, at least that's the advertised claim of those skimmers. I have one and off or on makes little difference. Mine just stays closed.