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    Questions for Purchasing a New Cartridge Filter

    It flows better than the 400 sq ft filters. You can clean this thing twice in the time it takes you to clean a 4 filter one. Can’t do much about your plumbing set up but it’s designed to fit in tight spaces.
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    Questions for Purchasing a New Cartridge Filter

    Get an Aquastar filter. One large filter to clean. Easy to access the filter and it won’t blow up on you.
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    Liquid Chlorine Cost Increase @ Home Depot

    I’ve been pricing SWCG all evening. Couldn’t believe they jacked the price up like that. Almost $10 per gallon what a joke that is.
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    Help Me Choose a Cartridge Filter

    Aquastar Pipeline filter $899 and your troubles are over. Can clean it in about 10-15 minutes. One large cartridge easy to open won’t blow the lid off easy to install. I’ve had it 6 months and don’t miss the DE mess all over my side yard at all.
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    Filter blew it's top off

    That filter would be in the dumpster if it were my house. Bad mojo. That thing could have killed you. Get yourself a new one and move on down the road.
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    Aquastar cartridge filters

    I’ve had mine installed for over 6 months now and it’s great. I plan on cleaning it once a year and leaving it be. The lid comes off in about 30 seconds and back on just as quick. Probably 10-15 minutes to clean. Only has one large filter to clean instead of 4 and they aren’t a fortune to...
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    Aquastar cartridge filters

    I installed the Aquastar filter a couple months ago and it’s great so far. I use a skimmer sock as well which catches a lot of the pollen. I plan on cleaning once a year which should take about 10 minutes tops. Pool is crystal clear and no more DE to mess with.
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    Best place to buy a new filter?

    Sounds good. My thought was breaking down a large filter with 4 cartridges would take much longer than cleaning this one 2-3 times. I know everyone on here says the bigger the better. I liked the ease of cleaning on this unit as well as the safety aspect. It also looks like a droid from Star...
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    Best place to buy a new filter?

    They have 2 models the larger is a 250 Sq foot filter. Cartridge is $115 and you only replace one not 4 like the larger filters. Check out the YouTube review and you will see how simple it is to remove the lid and clean it. It’s not a chore like the larger ones with the clamps that hate to sit...
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    Best place to buy a new filter?

    I think it’s 275 sq feet. I’ve had it installed for about a month with zero increase in pressure. I keep a filter sock in the skimmer. I think I will have to clean it 1-2 times per year. It’s so easy to remove the cartridge I can clean it in 10 minutes tops.
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    Best place to buy a new filter?

    I just swapped out my old DE 48 sq foot filter with this Aquastar. Easy to install and handles up to 35k gallons. It’s turnover rate is faster than the 520 sq ft filters. Check out some videos on YouTube about them. Very easy to remove and clean. I don’t know if I linked the website correctly...
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    New Pebble is finished. pool filled last night. No instructions on what to do next.

    Buy a lot of muriatic acid. You’re gonna need it. Make sure your calcium levels are good or it will pull it from your new plaster. Add stabilizer to appropriate levels and keep Chlorines at appropriate level to your CYA and your fine. You will do a dance with the PH for a while which is normal.
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    Had someone out to fix Pentair vs and next morning pool near empty. HELP PLEASE

    I would say you need to get a new pool contractor to take a look at it for you to diagnose the problem. Maybe the prior repair damaged the unit somehow. I’m sorry this happened to you. Hope it gets resolved quickly.
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    Buying a new cartridge filter

    It was the larger one of the 2. I can’t recall the model number. They only make 2 sizes. PLF3500
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    Had someone out to fix Pentair vs and next morning pool near empty. HELP PLEASE

    Call a Neigbor and kindly ask them to FaceTime while they turn the pump on. It’s probably leaking like crazy. You also may have flooded neighbors property. Sounds like a mess.
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    Buying a new cartridge filter

    I just swapped out a DE filter for an Aquastar cartridge filter. It’s around $850 shipped. Pool supply unlimited ships it and has it listed in their website. Pool HQ has it too. It’s one large cartridge made by Pleatco. I think $100 to replace. There are some videos about it on YouTube as well...
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    Any way around trade grade policy for filters?

    Contact the pool supply store in Moorpark off Patriot Dr. They can get most anything. Pentair is located in Moorpark. You live in Simi. Should be a piece o cake. You can save a little by picking it up yourself too.
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    Whisperflo running very loud (video included)

    That wiring set up looks dangerous.
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    Leaking filter in band joint

    Oh wow ya I had to replace a 1.5 year old ring because it warped into the imperfections of the inner rim of the lid. Once I tried to put it back it just leaked non stop all over. Such a headache I’m looking at getting a new filter at this point.
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    Leaking filter in band joint

    I had this same issue recently. Ended up I needed a new O ring and the red magic lube which is a thicker consistency than the blue stuff. It still leaked a little but ended up sealing itself eventually. Good luck.
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    Aquastar cartridge filters

    Has anyone heard of these? They look to be fairly new. The design looks great to remove the top of the filter. Hold down 2 handle clamps and unscrew it. They claim it filters the same micron level as a DE filter. Looks like they only have 200 and 275 sq ft options but they say they can handle up...
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    A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation

    It is very easy to do. You make a couple cuts on your return line after the heater and glue in a PVC T fitting with a threaded opening for the Stenner feeder line to screw into and that’s about it. If you can screw and unscrew plastic lids and put glue on things you can do this. I think your 2...
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    Stenner pump for continuous pool chlorination

    I did the same thing in March and it’s amazing. I added a check valve between the heater the the injection port. Don’t know if you absolutely need one but I figured $50 and some glue could save me from buying a new heater for $3k.
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    What is the Best equipment set-up for sanitation?

    I live close to Ventura and I can tell you they are spot on about the calcium. We resurfaced out pool a year ago. I stayed on top of everything pretty good and checked the Calcium a month ago and it was over 500. It was 325 last summer. I did a water swap and got it down to 425. Looking into a...
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    Is Check Valve needed before Stenner?

    I think it’s a good idea to replace that check valve. It will keep any unwanted chemicals from backing into the heater. $50 part could save you fr replacing your heater prematurely. Seems like a good investment.
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    Contemplating drain and fill So Cal

    Our pool was refinished a year ago and we were already at 500 CH so I did a partial drain for about 6 hours and got it to 425. We just have hard water out here in CA. Will be an annual thing moving forward. Pool was getting cloudy so I ended up putting 4 gallons of HD Acid in over a couple weeks...
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    Red Chlorine levels

    What are your CYA levels? You need to get a more accurate testing kit. You can dilute the water sample by half tap water and double the results but it’s still just a guess of what you have in the water until you get a better kit.
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    New pebble sheen one week old

    I ended up doing 5 more hours of water exchange and just checked the CYA today and it’s 60 so I should be in good shape for the Summer months. Looks like I will need about 3-4 cups of LC per night to keep it in the safe range. Home Depot will get to know me as the chlorine man haha
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    New pebble sheen one week old

    Water was 68 degrees and I let it get a little warmer before I put it in the tester. So it should have been good.
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    New pebble sheen one week old

    So a bit of an update. Pool looks great I’ve been adding liquid chlorine daily. TA is dropping as expected. I checked the CYA levels today and they were higher than they were a few weeks ago. I’m guessing some of the CYA was stuck in the filter and hadn’t fully dissolved yet. So I did a water...