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  1. Luric

    Actually DON'T think it's algae but..

    We have what appears to be yellow dust ont he bottom of some spots of our pool. We don't notice it until we brush - sometimes it look slike just dust and sometimes it definitely has a yellow tone. We passed the ONCL test twice in a row (last one was 16 drops at sundown, 15 at sun up, but that...
  2. Luric

    Should I replace power supply or entire Dolphin (5yrs)

    We got our Dolphin Nautilus in 2017. We left it out while we were away this weekend, and the control unit took on a lot of water and no longer works. Should I replace just the power unit ($300) or buy an entirely new Dolphin? Ths is our 1st one, so I'm not sure the lifespan and don't want to...
  3. Luric

    Advice for how/when to run salt cell & filter

    I guess the idea of stagnant water is troubling to me? I always thought it needed to move a little to keep things circulated every so often (more than just upon introduction), not turn-over persay, but just as I guess I little "freshing up". So in theory if there's no need to skim debris - a...
  4. Luric

    Advice for how/when to run salt cell & filter

    It was my understanding that it is best practice to filter water and keep it moving in general - even those w/o a salt cell to worry about have min amounts they must move their water (we converted to salt and used to be one of those LC pool owners - we ran our pump more than just to skim or to...
  5. Luric

    Advice for how/when to run salt cell & filter

    We must run on high several times per day or our pool becomes almost covered in debris. It looks like a marsh. 24/7 low isn't an option, and 24/7 high is unnecessary. We took a screenshot of what we did last year (ScreenLogic app)...and now can't find it, so I'm trying to recall what we did and...
  6. Luric

    Advice for how/when to run salt cell & filter

    With the warmer weather finally, we are ready to switch from LC to turning on our salt cell. We have a 30k gal pool surrounded by tons of trees. Every year we struggle with the best plan of when to run our VS pump on high or low (and what RPM those should be) and which setting to have producing...
  7. Luric

    Bubbles from all returns & in all baskets

    We've had tiny bubbles coming from all returns (including spa jets when off) for a few weeks now. There are tons of bubbles in the pump basket and the basket just before the SWG as well. The pool guy that came out to reinstall the wall grates said it was either a leak somewhere or the pump isn't...
  8. Luric

    What order to address?

    Current levels after clearing opening algae. What order should I adjust? NOTE: due to water temps we are working as a traditional pool w LC for the next few weeks before our salt cell will make chlorine. FC: 5 CC: 0 pH: 7.0 TA: 40 CH: 225 CYA: 90 I'm thinking I should get to these levels but...
  9. Luric

    Can't clear algae upon opening

    Since we're leaving for spring break this morning I opted not to start an official SLAM since I wouldn't be able to see it through. Instead we continued to filter, brush and vacuum. I did an OCLT - 11 drops last night, 11 drops this morning and the pool in noticeably clearer this as well (...
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  11. Luric

    Can't clear algae upon opening

    I did it again and def see at 50 and not at 40. I attached a few photos in different lighting. I had my husband run also and he too said he could see at 50 and not at 40 when he was standing outside (very overcast day but the sunniest option we currently have)
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  16. Luric

    Can't clear algae upon opening

    At 50 I can just barely make out the dot, at 40 it's completely gone. Does that put me at a 45 if such a line existed so a 90? THanks for your help!
  17. Luric

    Can't clear algae upon opening

    WE used a new PC to open this year, and they dumped a ton of shock (I believe he said 20 lbs) & algaecide then said to run pump 24/7 and backwash every 6ish hrs. THat was Tue morning, and it is now Saturday morning with a ton of improvement in the 1st 1-2 days and little since then. I can see...
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  22. Luric

    Balancing help after hurricane

    We got pretty well hit by Henri (about 9" in 2 hrs!), so my levels are all a bit out of whack. So far the water looks fine, but suggestions on order of what to attack would be appreciated - thanks! We had been keeping our FC at about 5 (a lot of young swimmers in the pool...), so should I toss...
  23. Luric

    Time to balance or wait?

    It's a 5th birthday with lots of younger siblings also, so I've got the extra LC left from our algae issue on standby!
  24. Luric

    Time to balance or wait?

    Should/can I address any of my issues re: balancing before our pool party early tomorrow (about 18 hrs from now - most spent sleaaping!)? We spent the better part of the last 1-2wks battling a mustard algae problem I think was hanging around/reigniting since opening, but for 2 nights in a row...
  25. Luric

    Pool eyes

    My directional eyeball slip fittings need replaced in both my pool and hot tub. The diameter of the slip itself is 1.5in and the eyeball is 0.75in. The pool PVC opening is about 1.75in. I see the options to replace the eyeball opening is either 0.5in or 1in. What’s the ideal opening for the...
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  27. Luric

    Floc & filter question

    Our PC dosed the pool w flocc upon opening (out pool i uncovered all winter so full of all sorts of grossness come spring), and not realizing that we had the pump & filter running for a few days. That was mistake #1. Once realized, we turned it off and let sit for 2 days (busy week) at which...
  28. Luric

    What should I tweak?

    I tried the dilution test and got to 30 still able to easily see the dot. We were out for Fathers Day all day, so I just got back to testing this afternoon, and now using the regular method I'm consistently getting 60 - 5 times! I'm going to run out to a pool store to see what their test comes...
  29. Luric

    What should I tweak?

    I just replaced a few of my regents and am realizing some may have been a bit past their prime on my initial tests, so a few of my levels are a bit off from where I'd wanted. How should I tackle? FC: 1.5 (It's been at 2 for the last few days, and I did an ONT just for fun and lost .5 so I...
  30. Luric

    What would have raised my TA?

    I posted recently about a possible pollen or algae problem. My overnight tests were all still in the normal range, but the water just looked dull and with the slightest off-color tint. It's a black bottom surrounded by trees, so with being super reflective it can be hard to gauge. I raised the...