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  1. borjis

    Skimmer efficiency

    If you can point the jets in such a way that it encourages a circular movement on the surface, that should help. One direction may be more effective than another
  2. borjis

    Is $5,500 too much for liner replacement?

    Often behind the liner in the shallow side is a serial number, that can be used to cut a new one. Also need the brand. It's that or it gets custom measured for a bit more.
  3. borjis

    Replacing Single Speed Pump - VS or 2-Speed based on Needs

    I'm happy w my 2 speed. 1 skimmer, 2 returns. I would have to replumb to get a vs to fit so that was my only practical option.
  4. borjis

    Empty pool over wintering

    If you have a floor drain with a hydrostatic valve and it's opened up, there's very little chance (if any) of it floating the shell.
  5. borjis

    Is the hayward t-15 cell obsolete?

    Ya send them the link to it say, here's the replacement I need.
  6. borjis

    Help identifying cause for cracking in new plaster

    Waiting for an expert to chime in but that doesn't seem right and I would not sign any paperwork that it's ok as is.
  7. borjis

    Is my pool light properly bonded?

    That's pretty much impossible for a pump motor that's both grounded & bonded. Canada code has bonding to the sub panel ground.
  8. borjis

    Skimmer Gurgling

    First thought, try adding more water. It seems like it might not be high enough. Sometimes skimmers (like mine) need a bit more than halfway up the mouth to function properly.
  9. borjis

    Up against the wall

    You might consider a 2 speed motor replacement. I wanted a v-green but the control panel is too wide to fit my cramped equipment shed. I love the 2 speed. I wired it with a wall switch to change from high to low. Running it low unless heating, then I just flip it to high for that.
  10. borjis

    Jandy Lite 2 replacement

    I had one as well. Replaced it with a Raypak. No issues since 2017 installation.
  11. borjis

    Pool Liner Help

    It makes no difference. A puncture would still happen with either. Not worth the extra in my opinion, when I had it replaced.
  12. borjis

    Is my new heater already corroding away?

    Congrats on swapping out the chlorinator for an swg!
  13. borjis

    Removing portion of solar heating system

    I'm no export but would think removing panels if anything would reduce any potential issue for the pump. Since it has less area to push the water through.
  14. borjis

    Spa powers off when heating is turned on

    Sounds like the heating element has gone bad and pulling more amps than it should. Not sure how to test that.
  15. borjis

    Info and Advice on Tankless Water Heaters

    I've got a Rennai that was here when I moved in. It's been a great unit. I'll never go back to a regular water heater. Mine is mounted in the garage wall. The other side of it, is has an internal fan that blows the exhaust out it's side vent to the outside.
  16. borjis

    Filling after resurfacing, water and surface is turning green

    Seems normal. I had to do a major water replacement some years back and it was green like that for about 2-3 days then it was blue, normal.
  17. borjis

    Looking for a better brush

    Same. Can't say enough good about this wall Whale type brush. That flap makes it way easier.
  18. borjis

    Paint vs Plaster

    My last pool was painted. Better to save up and replaster instead.
  19. borjis

    Need guidance on what to do with this catastrophe of a pool! (Pics not for the faint of heart)

    Lol I know the home I own/live in now sat with no offers because the pool was in similar shape, except there was no debris. I was so excited to get it and rehab. But that's very rare in a buyer.
  20. borjis

    Signs of Algae at bottom of pool every morning

    Keep it in a cool place and it should last for several months.
  21. borjis

    RJ45+ and PH down dry acid OMG!

    I would think so. But I think liquid is preferable to dry acid as it has other chemicals in it.
  22. borjis

    RJ45+ and PH down dry acid OMG!

    If you add it near a deep return jet, by the time it mixes into the water and passes through the filter it won't be anywhere near a concentration to cause concern.
  23. borjis

    Liner replacement issues

    Your liner was probably a tight fit. Mine is too. I have a very small section like that. Not quite pulled out as much. But it's right next to the screws that hold the rope thingy on (to divide the shallow end from the deep end) so it's not a worry since it can't go any further out. Fortunately...
  24. borjis

    Another dead GFCI breaker - what is a normal lifespan?

    I replaced my pool equipment, normal breaker with a Siemens GFCI breaker in early 2016. Still going strong, if that helps.
  25. borjis

    Caramel Colored Stains

    You might see if your water bureau offers free water quality reports. Mine does and it indicated a very slight amount of iron. It took about 3 years from when my liner was installed before the light amount of staining began to appear. Even a trace will eventually cause issues.
  26. borjis

    Ground Shift and Broken Return Lines - HELP !

    I think that should work. I had a pool about that size once. It had 1 skimmer and 2 returns. Circulation was never an issue.
  27. borjis

    At my wits end with Sta-Rite Dura-Glas system

    I've never been a fan of this pump body either.
  28. borjis

    Caramel Colored Stains

    Looks like it could be iron. Try crushing some vitamin c tablets in a sock then apply to the area. It should lighten up within a few seconds to a minute . If it does, it's iron.
  29. borjis

    PoolBlaster Max - Minimum water depth

    I have one. Probably best to start it totally submerged first to purge all air then go into the lower area. It's probably ok down to the side jets that shoot water out, but maybe a bit more.
  30. borjis


    If the goal is to raise pH ya the 20 mule works best for that. Washing soda will as well but it also raises Total Alkalinity.