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  1. avspin

    Winter cover

    I have a model ll that I use as a winter cover for the last 20 years. But, for the last two years, I have been putting a large disposable tarp over it held down around the edges by water bags to extend the life of the cover. I just leave the pump on top of the tarp. A big benefit for me is...
  2. avspin

    Removed heater, do I need to disable something at control board?

    I also would not leave the wires just taped. You didn't specify if they were inside a water proof junction box or just laying on the ground.
  3. avspin

    Brown stains on fiberglass pool

    What type of salt were you using? I've been using Morton's solar salt (blue bag) for 20 years and never had any issues with staining.
  4. avspin

    Dirt in cover channel jammed under rope. SOLVED

    Well I fixed it. I figured I would have to remove the rope so I had nothing to lose trying to get the rope out of the track. I was able to pry it up and out, it turned out to be about 3" of compacted dirt. had to break it up with a screw driver then suck it out. Rope went back in when I...
  5. avspin

    Dirt in cover channel jammed under rope. SOLVED

    I had a leak, documented in another thread, and now some of the dirt from the concrete repair has found itself in the cover track and jammed the rope up. I took precautions and duct taped over the track but the guys must have swept or washed some dirt in. I've tried pressure washer and...
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  8. avspin

    Need help with a leak and plumbing SOLVED

    Follow up. This is what I did. Replaced the return fitting and moved the T down the line. This way when I winterize there will not be a water trap. After completing and waiting 24 hours for the silicone (only in the return fitting) to dry. I filled the pool up to check the water tightness of...
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    2022-09-03 10.48.15.jpg

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    2022-08-30 17.20.32.jpg

  11. avspin

    Need help with a leak and plumbing SOLVED

    I need some help on fixing a leak. One of my return fittings is leaking from the threads and needs to be replaced. The issue I have is normally I would just bring the three pipes vertical and install a manifold from the top. I live at 1 mile and have snow and freezing. If I come up, I will...
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  17. avspin

    Need help/opinion of skimmer leak fiberglass pool

    Pool is 20 years old, never had an issue with the skimmer. Since summarizing (water was left below skimmer) the pool was dropping about an inch a day leveling off at the bottom of the tiles, 1/2” above skimmer bottom. There are no visible cracks inside the skimmer or the tunnel. I also checked...
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  20. avspin

    Pool slide

    Check to see if the vinyl tubing is not kinked in the slide. The older it gets, the more flexible it gets.
  21. avspin

    Squirrels ruining pool cover

    Yes, I have a couple of fountains I see the squirrels in.
  22. avspin

    Squirrels ruining pool cover

    It was put on in September and closed up for the winter the same week. This is my 4th or 5th cover in 20 years. Biggest mistake was not getting a rectangle pool so the cover could go under the coping instead of on top of the concrete. This is not a warranty claim, already checked. Patching on...
  23. avspin

    Squirrels ruining pool cover

    Yes, I thought about the underside but using cayenne pepper or something in that area weekly shouldn't be any great amount in the water. Also, it looks like they started on the other crease. I guess I'm going to leave it open more often.
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  26. avspin

    Squirrels ruining pool cover

    Just installed a brand new in ground cover. Little ******** chewed a 10" long hole along the crease. Besides shooting them is there a repellant that anyone can recommend to apply to the cover? It's right where the cover drops to the water closest to the underground reel so it never really...
  27. avspin

    High alkalinity & normal ph relationship in a covered pool

    That's been my attitude about the high alkalinity, don't worry about it. All my other stuff is perfect, the CSI is .03 today. This was more of a "hmm" question to ponder. Mostly for information and education.
  28. avspin

    High alkalinity & normal ph relationship in a covered pool

    I’ve had an issue with high alkalinity. I’ve had a few posts about it. A little history, I keep my pool covered all the time. A few years ago, I found my alkalinity at about 180 and ph 7.5. I asked how to lower alkalinity only and found that it’s tied to ph and I can lower it with Muriatic acid...
  29. avspin

    Cracks in fiberglass pool

    The fiberglass should be about 3/8" - 1/2" thick, multilayer. My fiberglass pool is nineteen years old and I have few stress cracks in the gel coat but they don't go through the shell. Like on a boat, you get small hairline cracks in the gel. I'm not saying that's what you have, it's common...
  30. avspin

    Help--I've got crabs!

    Might try a towel over a ball at the steps. Curious if they crawl out themselves onto the towel.