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  1. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    We are done. Very late in the day (early night really), but done. This year I’m trying the Aahsome winterizing stuff plus SLAM level chlorine. Pool is 60° at closing. Until next year! :D
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  3. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Well that’s why I am changing the gasket :)
  4. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Looks like. I had no idea. The motor that moves the prismatic wheel probably doesn’t work any more. No wonder the pool light was so blue. I took it apart as far as I could and wiped out the rust as much as I could reach. I’ll let it dry, put it back together, and hope I didn’t ruin it by taking...
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  6. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    …what the heck is this?
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  10. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Uh oh. Light looks like this. Good thing I bought some replacement gaskets.
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  13. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Possibly but I like mesh covers because it lets water through. That would kinda defeat the mesh benefit of not having water accumulate on it.
  14. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Time to scrub the safety cover
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  16. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    My main thinking was that my chlorine seems to stay higher for longer when the solar cover is on. So if it sat on top of the water underneath the mesh cover, the chlorine might stay higher if I raised it to slam level prior to closing. It might also cut down on the amount of light algae could...
  17. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    I do wonder if anyone has ever tried lowering the water and then putting a solar cover on under the mesh safety cover. Seems like it might catch the junk and shade out algae a bit better. But might also destroy the solar cover when ice forms. Hmm…
  18. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Temps have been chilly here. No warm weather in sight - spent $450 in gas heating the pool in August. Gave up and turned it off. Pool is down to low 60s - probably gonna close this weekend. :( Gonna try the Aahsome winterizing stuff instead of polyquat this year. See if it opens any cleaner.
  19. IceShadow

    Polyquat 60 vs Full SLAM

    Here's a previous thread for review:
  20. IceShadow

    New Pool Owner Worried about High CYA

    ...and honestly if you can measure out 5ml samples, you can do each drop is 1ppm of FC which is fine enough for accuracy until you do your OCLT.
  21. IceShadow

    Confused Over Phosphate Levels

    Here’s why you don’t do what the bottle says and dump directly into skimmer basket. Plus it has to sit in your filter for up to a week without cleaning/backwashing or you could lose it to waste.
  22. IceShadow

    Best time to start slamming

    If your CC is over 0.5 you have an issue and a SLAM is recommended to resolve. If your CC is 0.5 or less, you may or may not have an issue. CC is different in every pool, in every situation. CCs are not automatically created / building up when algae is being killed. Sometimes they dissipate to...
  23. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Not without breaking out a submersible pump and setting up a hose to go toward the road, in a downpour. My waste pipe goes where it is going. I do want to direct the waste pipe into our downspout since that goes to the storm sewer anyway but that's not a project I've done yet.
  24. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Ugh. Sure hope my neighbors don’t flood out.
  25. IceShadow

    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    …is it a problem if water goes up to the bead at the top of the liner? It’s pouring and it’s almost above the top of the skimmer plate. I want to wait to drain because the water goes to my neighbor’s yard and it’s probably already soaking in his house…..
  26. IceShadow

    Liquid Chlorine

    Once you get a feel for how much your pool uses you can cut the testing back to every 2-3 days and just add what’s needed every day or two. But yeah, I’m eyeing up a SWCG for the same reason. :)
  27. IceShadow

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    @Gary Davis @Newdude - did you guys know PoolMath has a bleach price calculator? :) Under the three line menu, "Bleach $ Calculator" - it takes strength into account.
  28. IceShadow

    High phosphates and chlorine loss.

    Keep an eye on the pressure. When it’s 25% above clean, clean the filter. :) If your pool is mostly clear and you are doing this due to seeing some algae, the filter may not get much more on it. It’s the cloudy pools that need lots of filtering. Be sure you check hidden areas for algae when...
  29. IceShadow

    Salt chemistry and conservation of mass

    It may also lead to the increase of nitrates in the pool from bather waste