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  1. Bama Rambler

    5,000 GPD Down the Drain

    From your description, I agree that it's likely valve #4 that's leaking. Especially since you've already replaced #3. In filter mode either valve #3 or #4 leaking would cause water to come out the backwash line.
  2. Bama Rambler

    New HASA Liquid Feeder HLF-300.

    Those units work pretty well when they work. I had one for a few years until I switched to a Stenner pump. Now to answer your question. You can add a full load of bleach when it needs it. The trick is to pour it slowly into the funnel. While you're doing that, the liquid on top of the bleach...
  3. Bama Rambler

    leaking threaded connections

    It would be best to disconnect the filter from the pool and pump and drain it and dump all the sand out of it on a tarp so you can reuse it. Then let the filter dry out and clean the drain fitting and drain port well and then put it all back together. That would create your best chance of it...
  4. Bama Rambler

    vortex without skimmer basket

    When we had a single speed pump it would suck a vortex in the skimmer when the basket was removed. I bought a spare basket so i would just swap them out when one needed cleaning. That way I didn't have to worry about the vortex issue.
  5. Bama Rambler

    Permanently seal a 3 way valve?

    As Allen said, the pic is kinda small to be able to see what's going on. I would consider some J-B marine weld, but without seeing the leak up close I can't guarantee that it would work and it will likely ruin the valve for other repairs.
  6. Bama Rambler

    Increase hardness without increasing salt levels.

    My experiment kinda ended last year during a hurricane, but in all the years we had that pool it never had any calcium and the liner was supple when we took it out. We never had any issues by having no calcium in the pool. None of the equipment showed any signs of damage from it.
  7. Bama Rambler

    Need help with my pool, I want to know my options

    It's probably not practical to repair that much damage. The only way to repair it is to replace the entire section to where there is no sign of damage from the upright to the left of the return to the upright to the right of the skimmer. You'll have to make seams like the one where the pool...
  8. Bama Rambler

    Agghhhh my Insteon is down!!!

    I use ISY for my insteon installation and haven't had any issues with operation or the Alexa skill. I am in the process of switching devices out to other brands as they fail. Hopefully Homebridge works for you a long time.
  9. Bama Rambler

    Salt PPM level

    Some online calculators assume that the water level is going to 6" below the depth that you give them, so they subtract that during the calculation. PoolMath doesn't assume that and uses the actual number you enter. A 54" deep pool actually holds about 48" of water, so you basically had 6" less...
  10. Bama Rambler

    Help after hot start and unhelpful pool builder

    You need to start somewhere and getting the TA up is a good place to start. Once you get the TA to a readable level you can start adjusting the other parameters and work on getting the water clear. You're focused on the cloudiness but it's not something to be concerned with immediately, that...
  11. Bama Rambler

    Help after hot start and unhelpful pool builder

    As eluded to above, don't worry about what the TA is right now, just assume that it's zero. Use Pool Math to figure out how much baking soda it takes to add 50 ppm TA and add about that amount. I did the math for you and it calls for 13 lbs, so I'd add about 10 lbs and let it mix and then see...
  12. Bama Rambler

    Hayward intermittently reporting Relay K1/K2 stuck closed alarms

    Depending on how they're operated, one sticking may affect the other causing both to report.
  13. Bama Rambler

    Hayward intermittently reporting Relay K1/K2 stuck closed alarms

    I'm not sure how the Omni tests for stuck relay, but it could be that one of the relays contacts are sticking causing a slow open or that there's buildup on the 'check' set of contacts causing the circuit to think that it's stuck. It's likely common to report both as stuck at the same time.
  14. Bama Rambler

    Pool filter and multiport

    It looks like a Praher TM-12-L 1.5 Top Mount Multiport Valve. If you can take a few more pictures from different angles we can probably make sure that is what it is.
  15. Bama Rambler

    Pressure gauge broke off

    If the stem was metal, I would get a small eaz-out (broken screw remover) and remove the nipple. If it's plastic I would drive a flat screwdriver into the broken stem to make a slot and then try to screw it out.
  16. Bama Rambler

    Stuck Return Plugs

    Make sure that the wing nut is loose and then pull up on the handle, but not too hard, while you wiggle it in a circle. Don't twist the handle but wiggle it in a circular motion as you apply some upward pressure.
  17. Bama Rambler

    Pool bonding and PVC to copper/brass connection

    While there are some equipment where the equipment ground and bonding lugs are electrically connected, but there is a lot of equipment (including pumps) where they are electrically isolated from each other. As Allen said, Bonding and grounding systems should be considered separate systems...
  18. Bama Rambler

    Flow Vis - Is this Accurate??

    The indicator bar looks a little 'cocked' so I'm a little suspicious. I'd pull the top off and make sure the pin and spring are seated correctly.
  19. Bama Rambler

    Pool bonding and PVC to copper/brass connection

    FYI, In the US, the NEC doesn't require the bonding grid to be 'grounded', but it doesn't prohibit it from being connected to a ground system, so while attaching the grid to a ground rod was unnecessary, it's not technically against the code.
  20. Bama Rambler

    Alternative for liquid chlorine

    There used to be Lithium Hypochlorite, but with the increase in battery production it's been discontinued. Also, it was crazy expensive and hard to find even before it was discontinued. Calcium Hypo is a good alternative if you in one of those places that have low CH in the water.
  21. Bama Rambler


    The part number for the top assembly including multiport valve is 11721B. It's available according to the Intex site. 6 way valve tank cover set
  22. Bama Rambler

    Stenner pump

    Given the equipment listed in your signature, I'd say that the pressure at the return is going to be less than 15 psig, so I don't think you need the check valve. You should have a gauge on your filter that reads the filter pressure, and the return pressure will be less than that.
  23. Bama Rambler

    Smart switch for switched pump motor?

    While I don't like only breaking one leg of a 240v circuit, it's a very common practice. The vast majority of timers only break one leg. Having said that, I know of several people that use smart switches to control motor loads. However, I would strongly suggest getting a switch that's rated...
  24. Bama Rambler

    Advice on AGP purchase!! Please help!!

    Having said all the above, I don't think you'd go wrong with either pool above.
  25. Bama Rambler

    Advice on AGP purchase!! Please help!!

    I looked at the filter that's included with the Melenia and matched the one closest to it with the Loch and the Melenia has a 120 sqft compared to the largest cartridge filter option (100 sqft) for the Loch. However, if you don't include the filter and pump then you can save yourself a good bit...
  26. Bama Rambler

    Advice on AGP purchase!! Please help!!

    I apologize in advance for not being much help. :rolleyes: I initially considered the 54" pool as 2" more depth is a bigger difference than you think, and they offer better equipment, however that pool is about $1,000 more than the 52" pool. So, it all boils down to is 2" More depth and a...
  27. Bama Rambler

    Exposed ground wire

    That 'ground' wire is actually a 'Bonding' wire. It's perfectly safe being ran through the 'putty' they installed. The grid is ran in the dirt or concrete, and it's designed to prevent exactly what you're concerned about. It actually prevents voltage from building up in the pool water.
  28. Bama Rambler

    Spider Gasket Replacement

    I know it's tedious, but a small flat screwdriver that will fit in the groove is about the best way to scrape the old one out and clean the grooves.
  29. Bama Rambler

    Converting to SWG - which test(s) do I need to add to my kit?

    I recommend getting the drop salt test (K-1766), but the strips are ok. That's really all you need to add to your kit. As for the refills, while it's not a bad idea to get a full refill kit, I wouldn't replace everything. I would make sure that all the reagents get replaced every two years. So...
  30. Bama Rambler

    Check list for replacing liner on 30 ft above ground pool

    I would plan on replacing the skimmer and return gaskets. I would also replace the cove if you have foam coving. IT may be fine, but they tend to get compressed over time. I would also have some good primer and a wire brush on hand just in case there's a tiny bit of corrosion on the wall. You...