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  1. KenAnderson

    Finally Done!

    Thanks! I have been swimming about every day since it was done! Now have so many other projects to get done! Outdoor Kitchen, Pool House to complete, Landscaping Ken
  2. KenAnderson

    Finally Done!

    This has been a journey for sure! After another upgrade to plaster the pool is finally done! Basically we had the Luna Quartz plaster but do to the shortage we upgraded to the Signature Matrix (Tahoe). Better product longer warranty. The pool was started in April and finally finished mid...
  3. KenAnderson

    No Luna Quartz - Asking for Upgrade Options

    Well, now another dilemma, was notified last week that they are out of Luna Quartz. So I asked for an upgrade and how much, still waiting on response. They did not give him a date on when they will get it, heard from another pool that's being built that there plaster was delayed for 8 months...
  4. KenAnderson

    New construction - No realistic start date

    One common theme that I have been hearing is the lack of communication between PB and Customer. If the start date is pushed back so be it, just tell the customer! Yes it's a disappointment to the customer but at least the PB is staying in contact with the customer. I keep telling myself there...
  5. KenAnderson

    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    Well, just too good to be true, cancelled for this week. They said the plaster people are out of Luna Quartz and not sure when the next shipment will be coming in. They will contact me when that happens. <shaking head>
  6. KenAnderson

    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    I agree the lack of communication needs to be improved (good or bad). If they just update on when things are going to be done or not is all I need to keep from contacting them. But when things slow down rest assure that I will be contacting them.
  7. KenAnderson

    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    I have a sister in Houston that's building a new pool and the same thing down there as well as up here in Oklahoma with things taking longer. With her living in a development / HOA took sometime to get approved but with me I have none of that but wide open space!
  8. KenAnderson

    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    Wow that is great! I sent an email this morning and got an reply, they said plaster by the end of this week! Crossing fingers.
  9. KenAnderson

    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    It could be that they just did not know how bad it was going to be in 2021 with shortages in such? So far the work that has been done been great, no issues with that at all! Would recommend this PB to anyone but the long wait time, it's eating on me.
  10. KenAnderson

    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    What is your build time? The reason I'm asking is when we started ours in April (stake in the ground) we were told at contract signing in January about 5-6 weeks. I understand weather delays in such but we are now at 101 days (14 weeks) and still not completed. The equipment is set (no...
  11. KenAnderson

    Dallas Pool Build **update with final pool pics**

    Why a smooth deck? That would seem like an accident waiting to happen. Pool looks really nice!
  12. KenAnderson

    New Pool - Finally got the Gunite Installed - Updated 7/2

    It's just been over a month and half since my first post First Post - Gunite Done and things are progressing, although not as fast as I want but it's progressing. Since the gunite phase that was completed on Jun 2nd we finally reached the decking phase! Finally start to see the light, although...
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  15. KenAnderson

    New Pool - Finally got the Gunite Installed - Updated 7/2

    This is our first pool build and boy what a process. The dig for the pool started and they ran into a few issues. First they hit an old septic tank (destroyed) during the house build but was still in the ground (Not any more :) Then they hit the septic lateral lines that had water in them and...
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