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  1. Old_Pool_Man

    Warranty Question - buying Dolphin via Amazon storefront

    I actually had a worse experience buying from a local store. I bought a Polaris and it turns out it was a model made by Polaris for just that store. I had no choice but to get it repaired through the store, Polaris wouldn't touch it. Parts for repairs typically took 3-4 months to get. I...
  2. Old_Pool_Man

    Ariel SolarBreeze Review

    I have both the Ariel and the NX2 (and an NX before that). The Ariel won't charge the battery if you turn it off. The battery seems to have much less capacity. In the morning it will come on when the sun hits it, but if it gets into some shade, which happens a lot early, it starts backing up...
  3. Old_Pool_Man


    I have purchased 3 over the years. They don't seem to last long for the price. The Instapark Betta has the best/largest basket of the 3 I own. I like the way it opens from the top instead of sliding a tray out the front to empty it. My negatives are the plastic gears can strip out if...
  4. Old_Pool_Man

    Pressure side sweeper hoses in a vacuum side pool

    The Triton has no option to run both filters, and they don't provide the fine filters out of the box, I had to buy them separately once I saw how the dirt was just suspended rather than filtered. Immediately after replacing the filter I noticed the difference in coverage. I guess I bought the...
  5. Old_Pool_Man

    Pressure side sweeper hoses in a vacuum side pool

    The Dolphin is 1 1/2 years old, I do have to replace these every few years for one failure or another. I believe the efficiency is reduced because I changed the filter to their extra fine size. That reduces water flow and ability to climb, but if I don't use the extra fine filter, the silt...
  6. Old_Pool_Man

    Pressure side sweeper hoses in a vacuum side pool

    Is there any way to get the equivalent of a sweeper hose that comes with a pressure side cleaner that would connect to the return ports in my pool plumbed for suction side cleaners? Something that just press fits into the 1" return jet would be fine. While the pool is not in use, and after the...
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  8. Old_Pool_Man

    New to TFP

    I attempted to upload a pic to my profile picture, it's a lap pool with a spa tucked around the corner. I've been reading Pool School and I'll be working on lowering my CYA from 200 for the next few days. The haze is smoke from the fires here in California...
  9. Old_Pool_Man

    New to TFP

    Hi All, I'm Mark, I have an old pool (built in 1990). I recently realized my pH and Alk weren't very close, so just learning about Borax as a solution. I have other old pool issues I will be asking about as time goes on... This looks like a good resource, I'm going to be reading a bit before...