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    How to treat pool under safety cover - in hot sunny climate

    We rarely use out pool, and plan to be gone for long trips (up to 3 months). We thought we would get a safety type cover to keep the leaves and sun off the pool not only for our trips but all year. My first question is, should I change the CYA and chlorine levels from what I've been doing...
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    Stenner pump pumping too much

    I have a Stenner 45MHP10 pumping chlorine. It is maybe 3 or 4 years old, and other than replacing duck valves and pump tubes has been great. Recently I found it pumping too much into the pool. I tried turning down the flow adjustment, but the adjuster ring seems to be stuck on about #3. When...
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    New to forum, Drained pool, now what?

    First, great forum! Wish I had found it earlier! After adding using too much stabilized chlorine for too many years, my CYA was over 250 and algae out of control. I drained the pool and cleaned the walls with 1/3 bleach - 2/3 water, took the DE filter apart and thoroughly cleaned. I think...