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    Television Technology

    LG OLED is my first choice for price and performance. I like high end TV's.
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    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Launch is less than a week away, Wednesday 22, around 4:30AM pacific.
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    Salt cells aren't lasting as long as I'd hoped

    If you are going to switch over to liquid chlorine soon for the fall/winter you might consider waiting until the spring to buy the cell as that will be 5 months longer on the warranty. I've never noticed a price drop for salt cells during the winter months, if anything they have crept up. This...
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    Salt cells aren't lasting as long as I'd hoped

    You can only get a cell that is rated for 40,000 gallons, T-15, with your system so you are stuck with that size of cell which is undersized for your pool. Like the others have said cleaning the cell shortens the life of it and the need to run it longer than compared to a larger sized cell is...
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    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Back to JWST, being packaged up for its ride. I've made more than a few parts for this beast.
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    Dolphin Impeller Constantly Clogs With Hair

    I've always have had hair balls wrapped around the impeller on my S300i. The filter catches everything else it seems but the hair somehow gets pass the filters. I've always had the dual filters installed. Removing two screws is all it takes to get to the impeller and then one screw to remove...
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    Chlorine gets eaten up in 1-2days???

    I would add the acid, pool stores usually don't miss the pH by very much. I would add half a gallon now to see how low the pH goes. The gallon would drop the pH to 7.2, that is a large drop at once and is risky if the pool store testing is off and a half gallon will not do much harm.
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    Setting expectations about a robot

    I have a Dolphin S300i for about 4 years and the motor just died, I bought a new motor assembly replacement for less than $400. That is the only repair that I have had to make. Every now and then the impeller needs to be cleaned and that's about it. They are simple to work on and some repairs...
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    Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Cel - Need Help

    How long do you run the pump? The output is set for only 28% and that seems to be a really low output for this time of year unless it is running for 24/7.
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    5 Month old Salt Cell reading low

    Why did you soak the cell in acid, did it any calcium build up in it? I would be very surprised if it did with the CSI so low. I would almost be willing to say that was the cause of the cell failing so quickly is that it is in too acidic of water. I would like to hear what JamesW would have...
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    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    The pH rise is due to the new plaster and you don't want to go below -.2 for new plaster as JamesW stated towards the beginning of this thread. Let the pH run high, borates will limit the scaling inside the cell. Don't raise the CH, and just keep adding small amounts of acid to control the pH...
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    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    Please clarify, how old is the plaster?
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    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    Are you running the bubblers, sheer descent, and/or the spa spillover? If you can add a small amount of acid each day, like half a cup the pH will be a bit more stable in the long run. Large additions make the pH swing faster due to the pH rising faster when it is lower.
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    Inaccurate salt readings

    Is the SWG powered on all the time or does it turn off when the pump turns off?
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    Flow sensor problems

    They do go bad and get stuck open which can lead to many issues if there isn't water flowing through the cell including explosions. If you run the pump 24/7 then you are somewhat safer than if the pump turns off for any amount of time. It is recommended to always have the SWG on a timer that...
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    Need help determining what SWG to replace my current one with, as well as opinions on whether or not to do other equipment change out

    What is the CYA level? The pool should use no more than 4ppm of FC during the summer if all the chems are right. And while you are at it please post all of the test results, thanks. Auto Pilots are top of the line SWG's and they do have ways to tell if the cell is still producing by checking...
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    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    I was up all night after my 2nd dose waiting for the chills and aches to hit, they never did and I ended up a bit tired the next morning. A day of fishing was the cure for that though as I scheduled some time off expecting not to feel well.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Put the solar cover on and turned on the solar and the pool is up to 81 as of last night in one week. It went from the upper 60's to 81. Almost time to enjoy the main pool again and not just the spa.
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    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    Two of my 3 kids have had their 2nd doses, Moderna, for over a month and they both got the chills and body aches for a day after the second dose along with the sore arm. The wife and I just received our 2nd dose of Moderna a week ago and we only had arm soreness after each dose. At the same...
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    Adding Solar Heating

    Heliocol or Fafco panels are both good name brands, no problems with either company. I'll get back to question 1 at the end. There might be three months at best that you can go without a cover to maintain the 85 degree temp in the morning but unlikely. It might start out around 82 in the...
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    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    We need the OCLT number and the CYA level.
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    SWG in Socal Winter

    Once the water hits the low 60's I turn off the SWG and reduce the pump speed to low, in your case maybe 1000 RPM, for 6 hours a day. With a cover your pool might only use 1ppm of FC a week at this point. The water usually hits this mark in December but this year it was early November due to...
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    CircuPool RJ30 or RJ45?

    In your case get the bigger one, you are in CA and your pool is a bit bigger than theirs. You will need less run time and it will last longer than the smaller one.
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    Dirt clouding up pool

    No one is swimming right? Let the filter do its thing and vacuum to waste if you can every now and then, my .02.
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    We have had our original Tempur-Pedic for over 15 years, couldn't be happier.
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    In-pool umbrella recommendations

    I've used one all summer long that I bought from Lowe's and it is still in great shape. I spent less than a hundred bucks on it, and I made sure it was aluminum before I bought it. If there is rust it sure isn't aluminum. Without seeing one in person I wouldn't trust it myself. You might...
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    If FC good can you still get algae?

    Do you have a ladder in the pool? Ladders can be a source where algae loves to hide and proper chlorine levels might not be enough if the ladder is not cleaned often enough. Have you been brushing weekly? If not start brushing. I would bring the FC up to SLAM level for 40 CYA since it is...
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    Question about SWGs

    I'll say that going up to 40K sized cell would be best for your pool, you are in a hot climate and the 40K sized cell will work just fine for that pool. You can lower the run time on the pump since it will output more chlorine per hour than the smaller sized cells and it will last longer in the...
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    Hayward Turbocell t-cell-15

    First step is remove the cell and inspect it, if it has scale clean it with water and acid ratio of 4:1. The strap wrench idea above is best to remove the cell. Report back after you inspected the cell.
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    Question about SWGs

    Welcome to TFP! Get a TF-100 test kit, a T-15 sized AquaRite, and keep reading in Pool School. Soon you will get rid of the pool service as you will learn that keeping a pool balanced with a SWG is very simple.