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    Water Issue

    Hey all, can a pool pump be too much for a sand filter and not clean properly? Purchased a 1.5HP Superflo and had a 300 lb sand filter and for some reason I cannot get water clear and has a light green tint to it. All my numbers are correct and I have been trying to keep chlorine level high to...
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    Pool Math

    Sorry for possible dumb question but I am usi g the Pool Math app and for some reason cannot change my targets. Not sure what I am doing wrong. CYA says I should be at 70 - 80 and I am trying to set target to 70 but it keeps saying my target is 40 when I am adding my log information
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    AG Pool Pump Advice

    TIA and I know this has come up regularly and I did try to search but I currently have a Pentair Dynamo 1 1/2 HP pump thats leaking at the seal and have changed the seals twice so far. It works but starts to leak after a couple months. I have a 300 lb sand filter and was wondering what would be...
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    Dolphin DX6 Issue

    Went to use my Dolphin DX6 for the first time this season and it will not power up. The power supply turned on for about 2 seconds then went off and will not power on at all. is there something i can fix myself and check for or does it look like the power supply is no good? Is it worth fixing or...
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    TFT-100 VS. Taylor K2006C

    I have been using the TFT-100 kit for a couple years now and wanted to try the Taylor K2006C since i do a lot of testing on a daily basis on my pool. Noticed that when i use the TFT kit i get a reading of 50ppm for CYA, but with the K2006C i get 70ppm. Also why is there a difference between...
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    chlorine ?

    Using concentrated bleach, 121 Oz = 182oz. To raise level up 5 ppm calculator says I would only need 129 oz but I put the whole gallon and only got 5 ppm. Should I have not gotten more since this is really more with it = 182 oz in a bottle? 17131 gallons and this is 8.25%
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    Slam ?

    In a weeks time my pool went from keeping a 5ppm of chlorine to "0" when i checked Saturday morning. Looks like my SWG may not be producing chlorine to pool. It is right at 3 years old and is a Circupool RJ45. I also noticed a light hint of green on the bottom in spots, so i decided that this...
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    TF-100 Kit came in today

    new kit arrived today. Also pool is 1 week. Temp. = 80 FC = 6.5 CC = 0.0 TC = 6.5 (not sure if the rain yesterday and today made this jump up, cloudy days) SWG at 30% will try 20% TA = 120 (been working on bringing this down, was 250) CH = 125 CYA = 30 (had put 3 gallons of liquid stabilizer...
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    High Alkalinity

    Not sure if I am doing something wrong but I just installed and filled my pool 3 days ago with City water and having troubles getting alkalinity down. Currently 170 and I have PH at 7.0. Everything else is good.
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    kpromero's radiant metric pool build

    Started yesterday on my build of a 27' Radiant Metric pool after issues with the ordering process and still having some issues with this online purchase, which i will never order from this place again, i could not wait anymore and decided to go with what i could start on. Still waiting on coping...
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    Magnesium anode

    I am about to install a new above ground pool but it will be semi inground. The pool is a Radiant Metric 27' round. These are built from aluminum with a foam insulation in between the walls. What kind of magnesium anode and where can i purchase to add to the install? Also when i bond pool does...
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    Pool Steps

    Ordered a Radiant Metric 27' and wanted the walk in steps but they will not fit my needs by taking up too much room on my patio. Setting up pool semi in ground. What do you all recommend for a nice quality ladder? I will have a slight deck for ladder to mount on.
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    Question about an AGP

    Looking to purchase a new pool since the one i have now is starting to rust from i am guessing due to using a SWG. Top panels are gone and walls are showing some signs also. My current pool is also semi-inground. Looking around on the internet i came across a pool that i cannot find much info on...
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    Circupool Salt Reading

    Finally finished installing my Circupool RJ45 yesterday and let in run all night. I just used 2 Aquacheck salt strips and they are reading that i have 3290 ppm of salt and the Circupool is showing 2900. Are the strips pretty accurate and do i need to adjust the Circupool or use the Circupool...
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    Dolphin DX6

    Just purchased one and notice that it cleans in spots or lines (streaks) when it is running. Anyone has one and can maybe recommend a fix or should i have gone with a different one.
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    Well after 5 years or so my Aquarite is out of commission. Noticed this morning that the board has some burn spots on it near the big black capacitor or whatever you call it. I did change this out last year but looks like it burned out again plus also the board around it. I figured between...
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    iRobot Verro 100

    Anyone have one if these for their above ground pool and do you like it? How well does it clean? Does it seem like it would last for the price? Looking for a good pool cleaner besides those Hayward aquabug, diver dave etc. Thanks in advance
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    First test results for this year.

    FC = 12 CC = 0 TC = 12 PH = 7.5 TA = 80 CH = 100 CYA = 50 CYA = 50 SALT = 3000 BORATES = 30 CSI = -0.8 Above ground pool. Whatcha think?
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    AquaRite Problems

    Just noticed that my Aquarite is not working. No power light showing. Check to see if it was getting power and it is. Around 4 years old or so and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions.
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    Testing Numbers

    Just checked pool water after a hot one today and about 4 swimmers. Pool Water Temp = 94 FC = 2.5 CC = 0 TC = 2.5 TA = 90 CH = 160 CYA = 40 Need to adjust this PH = around 7.5 Borates = 50 Salt = 3400 Calculator says CSI = -0.33 Seems like Borates added to pool is a major help keeping PH from...
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    Testing Water

    Kit came in yesterday along with other goodies like SpeedStir etc. that i ordered. Want to become a Pro at doing this myself. What is the best time to do a sample? With the SpeedStir it has a light so should i do my readings in a less lighted place? What is the best lighting to get true...
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    Adding borates to the pool

    Thinking very hard to do this. I have a SWG and i tested water this past weekend and had a TA of 140. Looks like from what i am reading i need to use MA and bring that down before adding the borates correct. What is fastest way of doing this or should i go with the optimizer or supreme plus...
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    ePool Monitor System

    Anyone seen this yet or maybe tried it. Saw it today at a local pool shop.
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    AquaRite SWG

    My Aquarite just turned 4 years old and i am noticing something strange with it this year. My salt readings show 3.2 instead of 3200 like it should and was wondering if anyone has had the same problem or can help me with solution. Thanks