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    First TF100 Tests

    Good Morning Experts! I received my test kit recently and here is my morning results. PH is 7.5, forgot to add. I am thinking we are okay. Water is clear. Would you make any adjustments?
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    Is This Really Algae?

    I have been fighting what I believe is a yellow or mustard algae for about 2 months now. I used two different algae killers, then learned from TFP that was an unnecessary expense. Since I have slammed at least three times. I am in the middle of another slam now. Water is beautifully clear, and...
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    Pool Store Advice vs TFP

    Hello, a couple months ago we bought a house with a 38,000 gallon science project in the back yard. We became members here and got it cleared up. Thank you TFP peeps! Thus last week we noticed sand on the bottom, figured we would vacuum over the weekend. By the weekend it got worse and pool...