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    Cleaning out dirt/algae buildup

    So not my pool but im at a loss of how to help. Friend bought an above ground 20' dia x 4' intex pool. The pumps were replaced due to total lack of power to a 3/4 hp one with a sand filter. We keep doing our best to test and treat his pool water but he keeps having dirt building up on the...
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    Pool Repair Options

    to try and prevent the major dip from getting worse, I used some gorilla tape to hold the liner up somewhat. The concrete throughout the back was clearly done in different pours and finishes so im not too worried about the look being consistent. I just wouldnt mind a little contrast on the...
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    Pool Repair Options

    A little history So I inherited a pool with the house I purchases 2 years back. Inground pool with vinyl liner, 2 ladders, a diving board, and slide. 18x36 with 3 foot shallows and 8 foot deep end. The previous owner claimed to have replaced the liner 3 years ago but with the condition of the...
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