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    Help me find replacement plugs?

    Thanks! After your post I started doing some additional searches based on your suggestion, and *think* I tracked down that this is a Sylvan "98" double plug. I have some ordered now, so we'll see!
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    Help me find replacement plugs?

    Thanks. The one on Amazon looks close, but doesn't specify the spacing. The Poolweb stopper says 1 inch spacing.... That's the piece of it that is causing me trouble, I can find other double plugs, just none that match the ones I pulled out.
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    Help me find replacement plugs?

    This will be the first year closing my pool, and due to how long it had been closed previously (possibly 10 years) the plugs were pretty badly damaged when we removed them. Total length is about 7.5 inches, both plugs are 1.75 inches diameter at the top (#9?). The spacer between them is 4...
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    Necessity of closing during winter?

    Yeah, I found a chart and the level of salt in the pool doesn't seem to change the freeze point much. I have a VSP, and run it 24/7. The schedule is 4 hours on high, 4 hours on medium, and 16 hours on low. What made me think of it is that my wife read a book by someone who swims every day...
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    Necessity of closing during winter?

    New pool owner here... I'm in SE PA USA, we don't get super cold winters, but do spend a month or two with temperatures below freezing, and 0 degrees F isn't unheard of. We have a whole house generator, so ignoring the potential for a power failure that stops my pump, would there be a...
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    Why higher CYA levels in SWG pool?

    That's actually how I thought SWGs worked until I got here. I thought the chlorine sanitized the water in the pipe, then any remaining chlorine recombined with the sodium (somehow?) to create salt again.
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    Why higher CYA levels in SWG pool?

    Ok, this was a piece of the puzzle I was missing. I didn't understand that the bound chlorine could still be accessed/used, I thought it was just "lost" effectively.
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    Why higher CYA levels in SWG pool?

    Thanks! That makes some more sense to me.
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    Why higher CYA levels in SWG pool?

    I've seen a lot of mention that a salt pool wants a higher CYA level of 70ish, but can't find any explanation of *why*. Is there a writeup somewhere that someone can point me to? It's a bit confusing to me, because it seems like CYA protects the chlorine, but also requires me to have more...
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    Name that Skimmer! (help IDing skimmer/basket)

    I bought a house with long abandoned pool that I've been restoring. One issue I have is that there were no skimmer baskets, and I'm not sure how to find the right baskets for my skimmers! I bought the baskets linked below, but they don't go down all the way into the skimmer, and I need to...
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    Jumped into the deep end...

    Thanks for the tip! They installed the pool (I think) so I figured I'd try them out (and maybe they would have some notes about the installation as well). So far I've had an incredibly hard time even getting call backs from local stores for any type of service or work. Been trying to get a...
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    Jumped into the deep end...

    The snapper was named "bitey" and rehomed to a pond down the street. I assume that the complaints from the local fishermen that they are no longer catching as many fish are unrelated. I'm not familiar with Alpha Foundation, but reached out to Sylvan about a consult for renovating the deck and...
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    Jumped into the deep end...

    Thanks! There's still a lot of work to do of course. The decking on the left side has settled significantly, and needs to either be jacked up and patched, or replaced, right now it's a hazard (hence the matts over the worst spots). The coping has already drawn a significant amount of blood...
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    Jumped into the deep end...

    Ask and you will receive! I'm terrible about taking progress pics, but here's a few that I managed to snag over the past year of this project.
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    Jumped into the deep end...

    Bought a house last year with what looked like a write off of a pool. I was planning on just filling it in until a buddy who used to manage pools told me that it actually looked salvageable. Since then we drained and mucked out a pool that the neighbors say had been a swamp for almost 10 years...