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    Magic Plastics Check Valve Cleaning

    I was looking at what I believe is a Magic Plastics check valve in my plumbing. The plastic view window is hard to use. Has anyone cleaned one of these? I believe you can just take the clear plastic off with the 6 screws.
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    Total Hardness and Calcium Hardness

    I noticed my CH was low last week (200). I added about 12lbs of Calcium Hardness increaser and it's sitting around 275 now. My wife was wondering why I needed to increase the water hardness, since everyone in our area complains about how hard the water is out of the tap. So I checked the tap...
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    Aqualink RS4 Aux connections

    I'm still sorting out the equipment on my new pool build. The person working on the equipment told me that I won't be able to use spillover mode, since I won't have the Aux space. I'm trying to figure out what is taking up all of the spaces. The Glacier chiller will take Aux 3. Does the Jandy...
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    Jandy Heat Pump and Gas Heater on AqualinkRS

    Has anyone setup a Jandy Heat Pump and Gas Heater on the AqualinkRS? How does it function? I'd like to use the Heat Pump in the summer to heat the Spa, then switch over to a combination in the winter. I'm curious on the Heat Pump priority, but haven't found much information.
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    Are these Cal Hypo?

    Moved from here. Do these add CH to the pool?