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    TA higher after borates added

    I opened pool at 100 TA, it has lowered to 80 since due to acid. I added borates 50 ppm week or two ago, now I am reading 100 ppm again since last test before added borates. Didn’t expect TA to rise at all. Have a swig so normally only thing I am adding is MA to control pH, which is main...
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    Jandy temperature sensors not accurate

    New pool. All Jandy , have 5 ways of measuring temperature 1. Manually with probe 2. Aquapure sensor 3. Heater sensor 4. External aqualink sensor 5. Polaris robot cleaner sensor All read high except for manual probe and robot cleaner. Roughly 5-10 degrees higher. Noticed when trying to...
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    Higher range cl test swcg/cya

    I have a swcg, so if I get my cya to 80, should target 6 ppm chlorine. Tf100 only goes to 5. Is there another container people buy that has scale for more range, maybe to 8 or 10? Or do people just do the drop test every time ?
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    tf100 cya test help

    I have concerns over the TF100 test kit CYA test. Opening my pool for first time, 12k gallon. CYA was never added except for several chlorine tabs during opening, so I figure CYA was maybe 5 max. I measured and added 6lbs of dry CYA over the past 4 days, as I was worried about pH lowering...
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    Balancing water for first time after pool finished during winter

    Does anyone know of a more advanced pool calculator where I can just input all my current levels and it tells me all the things to add? For example my pH is too high, so can add acid. Can add Baking Soda to raise TA, but I know the acid will affect that. Seems like it would be nice if some...
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    Pump inlet minimum straight length.

    I know pool code and manufactures recommended minimum pipe length going into pump inlet , but not sure if that is undisturbed length or can include check valves like I have in picture below. 2” pipe, so should there be 8” of straight run after the check valve? They just installed pad today so...
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    Spa blower next to gas heater

    Looking at Jandy Jxi gas heater, it says exhaust must be 10ft away from any air intake. Curious if spa blower is considered air intake for this, or if it just means home air intake. I emailed Jandy and they sent link to instructions so obviously that wasn’t helpful.
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    pump pvc union measurements

    When looking at pool equipment, what do the two numbers on unions mean? Like 2" x 2.5" union. or 2" x 2". I expected to only have one number. Attached screenshot of particular pump, that says 2" x 2.5" union included, but kit for 2.5" x 3" available. PB hasn't started on equipment pad yet...
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    Pebble fina color selection

    Anyone can show off pebble fina pool pics. Trying to decide on color, definitely looking at darker colors, steel gray and up. So hard deciding . Hopefully this is right forum
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    Fresh Gunite drying out fast after water

    Gunite yesterday. Morning. I have given heavy water several times already but it is mostly dried out after an hour. Temp is around 75’ in day 50’ at night with some wind. I’m not sure if this is ok and expected or it should always look wet? Seems like I would always be watering it. Attached a...
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    Max FPS return loop

    My spa is going to have 8 jets on a 2” return loop with 2” trunk to pad. I ideally want to be able to flow more than 10 gym per jet, but 2” is limited to 83gpm at 8fps. If I leave the 2” loop but change trunk to 2.5” and maybe Tee into loop to 2.5” does this let me get around 83gpm limit...
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    Equipment pad plumbing review

    My pool builder is starting soon. I got a picture of the most recent equipment pad they are doing to see if I request any changes before they start mine. I don't really know all the best practices, hoping someone can review and offer suggestions. This particular build in picture has two...
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    Pool decking retaining wall on sloped yard

    Building a gunite pool with 4 feet of pavers all the way around. Our yard slopes about 30" from edge of house(start of pavers) to 10ft from property line on back side(end of pavers). I want to go the cheaper option and just build up grade 4 feet around to have level decking around pool and...
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    New Build in Virginia

    Alright, posted previously about getting some resources to educate myself, now looking to sign contract soon. i've had them put in details like variable speed pump and SWCG as well as cartridge filter. Number skimmers/returns/drains seems ok based on what I've read. Here are the highlights...
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    New Pool Construction Education Resources

    Hello, just joined, first post. I've been casually reading for a couple weeks, but getting more serious about pool ownership now. I am in process of getting bids for pool. I'm trying to educate myself on pool mechanics and best practices regarding construction. Ideally I can build a list of...