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  1. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pool remodel....Brown tile?

    😂 maybe!! I'm at a loss on how to pick the tile! Anybody want to chime in with ideas or what to do or avoid, I am all ears!!!
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  3. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pool remodel....Brown tile?

    We are finally going to redo my 19 year old pool. The overall aesthetic of my house is cream limestone with brown variations, brown roof, brown cedar pillars I am thinking a brown based color scheme for the tile might look nice, but wasn't sure if it would affect how the water color looks...
  4. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump noise

    Thank you! Off to research that and how to fix! 😊
  5. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump noise

    My waterfall pump doesn't sound right. Is it bearings or should I look for something else? I think the motor is only a year old and it usually only runs 15 min a day Here is the main pump Main Here is the waterfall Waterfall Here are both together Both Thanks for pointers and opinions Marci
  6. NewPoolGirlTX

    Limestone spa wall eroding into pool

    My pool is 18 years old and neglected, if you are following along My spa has a spillover and the exterior spa walls are Texas limestone. The mortar is cracked and eroding in several places and sending it into my pool. It's also got hard calcium deposits I have a request for an estimate But I...
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  10. NewPoolGirlTX

    Hello and thanks for helping me!

    But nobody's counting, right? And, honest, I never scrolled that far down in the forum list😳😳
  11. NewPoolGirlTX

    Hello and thanks for helping me!

    I have been posting a lot recently and some in the past. Hi!! :wave:I'm Marci Tenpas. Live in Austin, TX with my husband and two dogs. Kids are just now grown and off the payroll (for good?) Girl and boy, close in age, Music Therapist in Fort Worth and entering grad school at Texas A&M for...
  12. NewPoolGirlTX

    Can I mount iaqualink network interface connect device antenna upside down?

    Title says it all except I'm not clear what the little box the antenna connects to is called. Mine has never been mounted and I'm going to rewire it tomorrow. I want to mount it once I replace the antenna (next step). Can I mount it upside down? I guess if I tape it up there and it works...
  13. NewPoolGirlTX

    No power to iaqualink-Need to fix wiring

    Excellent, thank you. I get paranoid dealing with wires, but I am on it now. I am glad my idea wasn't off base and appreciate the reassurance Thanks to all y'all!! Marci
  14. NewPoolGirlTX

    No power to iaqualink-Need to fix wiring

    Thank you, I appreciate the additional info Is the almond cable with its four wires a correct type of cable? One end is into the iaqualink antenna station and the other is spliced into the blue cable. The other end of the blue cable is into the red harness plugged into the control panel So...
  15. NewPoolGirlTX

    No power to iaqualink-Need to fix wiring

    I was mistaken, sorry There is a really old wire that goes into my garage attic but it doesn't look used anymore, I thought it was the almond wire So the almond wire is into the iaqualink with the antenna. It is spliced with those red button connectors to the blue wire The blue wire is into...
  16. NewPoolGirlTX

    No power to iaqualink-Need to fix wiring

    sorry, still confused. Are both cables the wrong type? and if I get new wire, I understand connecting at the box, and then I still have to splice them to my existing cable that is wired into my garage? Apologies for the endless questions.
  17. NewPoolGirlTX

    No power to iaqualink-Need to fix wiring

    Thank you. They aren't labeled But I think I get what you're saying Do I need the blue cable at all, or can I just use the almond colored one right into the red harness in the control pad? Assuming I get the colors right I mean is there a reason for the blue cable and its white wires that are...
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  21. NewPoolGirlTX

    No power to iaqualink-Need to fix wiring

    My pump is no longer leaking but the there doesn't appear to be any power going to the iaqualink. I'm guessing I pulled the wire accidentally when contorting around my tight equipment space These wires appear to be the problem. They are very weathered so I labeled what I believe the colors to...
  22. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump leak

    Could not have done it without y'all I love this site! :lovetfp::bounce: Cannot believe it's not green tho 💚
  23. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump leak

    HUGE HUGE HUGE THANKS to @1poolman1 and @Texas Splash and everyone on this site who post here. Took two weeks and I am not sure I saved any money (don't really want to add it all up, TBH)😳😂 But I learned so much, and put so many miles going back to stores not just once but multiple times in...
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  26. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump leak

    @1poolman1 Can anyone help me prime this? It's on and I'm praying it works Edited to say a search scared me my finding a bunch of threads with trouble There's no air release on my sand filter
  27. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump leak

    Our replies crossed Thank you thank you thank you!
  28. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump leak

    I have that sorted I didn't have the right ring on the impeller screw Does the ceramic seal that goes into the impeller...I have us seal ps-1000...Is the rubber part flush with the impeller hole? The picture is where I am at
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  30. NewPoolGirlTX

    Pump leak

    Another question Is the black part of the ceramic seal flush in the impeller seat? Having trouble getting it to go down all that way