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    IG Vinyl Build: It's Happening!

    There are robots with long enough cords. Something like the Polaris 9550 has a 70 foot cord. You want to ensure your build includes an outlet in the middle of the long side of your pool and relatively close to the pool. (Code in Maryland is at least six feet from pool.) Most robots won't do...
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    Bubbler Plumbing/Pump Question

    For a year round use spa that is detached from the pool, it seems like it would be a lot easier (and possibly cheaper) to buy a standalone hot tub and would give you a better spa experience as well.
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    Bubbler Plumbing/Pump Question

    I am not any sort of expert at all when it comes to pool plumbing but I do have a somewhat similar pool but smaller at 40K gallons. I have two pentair color vision bubblers on my shelf, a waterfall, a slide along with six returns and three skimmers and a main drain. I have one intelliflo 3hp...
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    First time pool closing in new England

    What sort of cover do you have? If it’s one that lets water through then be careful of your sunshelf. If there are any spots where water can puddle, if the puddled water freezes/thaws, it can delaminate the plaster and/or turn it a brownish color. Ask me how I know. If you have a non mesh...
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    Frog in Pump Basket?!

    I use one of these. Eliminates the skimmer angel spider issue, and I also use it to push the weir door up and down a couple times and swipe under it to get all the stuff hanging out under there to float out. Then after grabbing the skimmer basket bar, rotate to create a vortex and get everything...
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    2 years of fixing issues, but finally near the end... What a feeling.

    Could you consider filling in the waterfall basins with stamped concrete that looks like a flat rock, sloped slightlytoward the pool? That way the water is flowing only into the pool when the waterfalls are on and nothing is left sitting anywhere. That’s essentially what a I have, although much...
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    New Pool Design - Looking for feedback

    Well, it was youth vs age experience :LOL: To be honest, I can't remember who won this one!
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    New Pool Design - Looking for feedback

    Here is a pic I found of our sunshelf. It is 14 feet at its widest along the front edge so much smaller than what you are planning. It is about 9 feet at its longest from front to back. This is 9" water depth. We have never used ledge loungers so I can't speak to that. The two chairs on...
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    2019-07-14 Pool.JPG

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    2022-08-24 Sunshelf.JPG

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    New Pool Design - Looking for feedback

    Your pool looks like it's going to be fantastic! Love the deep end, diving board, volleyball net and basketball hoop planning. We have those too, and people enjoy the pool more and use it more with various things to do. And at bbqs, it means everyone is in the pool for most of the party -...
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    IceShadow’s pool thread 2022

    Gosh, that's a beautiful pool and surrounding landscape - just gorgeous!
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    So this happened

    Looking great! What brand/color are the pavers?
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    New member pool planning in N. Atlanta - Construction Completed 7/2022

    it all looks beautiful! Could you possibly provide a link to your waterfall lights?
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    Buffalo, NY - Gunite Saltwater Pool Build

    I think 2-3 feet is the standard diving board overhang, but I'm not sure if there is a code that says that or just general preference. Could you have your builder swap out for a 10 foot diving board? You can put longer wire between the pentair control panel and the little wifi unit that...
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Understand - things are different now than 10 years ago for sure! We used points for Aulani in 2018 - wonderful time and beautiful hotel! Last year we traded into RCI to go Pigeon Forge/Smoky Mountains, and this year we booked DVC Hilton Head Island for a week in August. So we are visiting...
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Oh no! Not letting your points expire, I hope - are you renting them out or exchanging into II?
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    Recurring Iron Stains.........ready to give up!!!!

    This post says what I did to filter out with the polyfill - Help!!! Iron stains from what??. It worked very well. I put polyfill in each of my three skimmers although not completely packed - the polyfill took up maybe a third to half of the skimmer basket space. And I left the main drain...
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    Pool slide

    Maybe dirty filter since when you bypass that, the flow is fine. What type of filter do you have?
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    New Pool in South Jersey opinions?

    Regarding ladder in deep end mentioned in your first post - these aren't quite as common as they used to be. People tend to do swimouts or benches or sometimes a "safety ledge" to get out in the deep end. Do a search on here for swimout vs ladder or similar. Here is one thread...
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    New Pool in South Jersey opinions?

    Suggest shallow end 4' water depth rather than 3'6". Also make sure they give you a depth profile design so you know exactly where the slope down to the deep end will start and finish and how much full 8' deep end space you will have (more is better with a diving board). Getting on the same...
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    New Pool in South Jersey opinions?

    OK, I did find more on the Pentair website under the Microbrite specifications. I'm sorry - I missed this the first time I looked! I was looking in the Description text at the top, which didn't mention the Globrite compatibility, and this is down lower on the page. The Pentair website does...
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    New Pool in South Jersey opinions?

    I will call this week and report back. No need for lunch money as I am very interested in this question for my own future needs too! :)
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    New Pool in South Jersey opinions?

    Just as FYI, I've also seen referenced in forum posts here an adapter that will allow a microbrite to replace the globrite in the globrite niche, but this part number doesn't seem to be listed on the Pentair website. Pentair MicroBrite to GloBrite Niche Adapter | 618040 But there is what seems...
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    New Pool in South Jersey opinions?

    For what it's worth, I have two of the pentair colorvision bubblers on my sunshelf, and we really enjoy the bubbler and light features. My pool was finished at the end of the 2017 pool season so this is the fifth full season with the globrites. I did have one replaced early on because the...