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    tf100 cya test help

    I figured I would give another go at raising stabilizer to 70, so added another 2lb(20ppm). Tested at got maybe 60ppm. I’ve added 10lbs of cya so far since opening. I know it’s not a big deal, just find it funny how it doesn’t match expectations. I feel like this test might work for...
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    TA higher after borates added

    Thanks, video was nice. I added 10 ppm of cya recently, maybe after last TA test, so with this together i can see different value now. I wasn’t aware cya and borates affected TA until now.
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    TA higher after borates added

    I opened pool at 100 TA, it has lowered to 80 since due to acid. I added borates 50 ppm week or two ago, now I am reading 100 ppm again since last test before added borates. Didn’t expect TA to rise at all. Have a swig so normally only thing I am adding is MA to control pH, which is main...
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    Jandy temperature sensors not accurate

    I measured early morning and heater showed correct temp, aqualink was one degree high and aquapure was two degrees high. As day goes delta grows to 5 degrees or more. I’m guessing this must be issue on every pool. I will probably try to put something to cover equipment pad and give shade
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    Just some Memorial Day messing around- RPM vs. GPM vs wattage

    Here is mine. Also straight line. Right line is pool mode with spillover. Left line is spa mode. My 3 year old drew on it some : ) Measured via vacuum gauge and pressure gauge on port to measure total head. I keep mine running at 2000 rpm which is 500 watts and should be about 70gpm
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    Jandy temperature sensors not accurate

    New pool. All Jandy , have 5 ways of measuring temperature 1. Manually with probe 2. Aquapure sensor 3. Heater sensor 4. External aqualink sensor 5. Polaris robot cleaner sensor All read high except for manual probe and robot cleaner. Roughly 5-10 degrees higher. Noticed when trying to...
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    tf100 cya test help

    I added 1.5lb (15ppm) and i can just barely see black at 60, so it seems to raised cya level accordingly. I've added 7.5lbs now, so I should have been at 75ppm. The fact that latest dose raised appropriately makes me think somehow the inital dosage got neutralized somehow by about 15ppm, if...
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    tf100 cya test help

    I think I will try adding another 15 ppm, see if it registers. I’m wondering if it’s possible cya reacts with something in pool that makes it not show up in test. Maybe not having any before, maybe some loss. Just a guess
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    tf100 cya test help

    I just tested again , looks the same. I tried 45 and that looked right. If I had zero cya initially then I should have at least 60 now, so maybe will just added 15 to what looks right to me to get accurate.
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    Higher range cl test swcg/cya

    Thanks , I’ll switch to drop test. Seems like it would be useful if another scale could be made, maybe option that goes to 10. When in SLAM’d pool color went to orange on test, so seems like should be feasible adding some shades.
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    Higher range cl test swcg/cya

    I have a swcg, so if I get my cya to 80, should target 6 ppm chlorine. Tf100 only goes to 5. Is there another container people buy that has scale for more range, maybe to 8 or 10? Or do people just do the drop test every time ?
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    tf100 cya test help

    Ok, I’ll give it couple days and test again in case not fully dissolved
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    tf100 cya test help

    I added cya by putting sock in skimmer and letting dissolve. Anyone know of a more clear way of testing CYA? Will a pool store do better?
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    tf100 cya test help

    That’s my point of confusion, I know the pool is around 12k gallons( took two full water trucks, 5000 gallon, plus partial of third). I know I added 6 lbs dry stabilizer. Therefore my cya must be at least 60, but it doesn’t appear that way. Reason for pH worry is the tfp pool math calc says...
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    tf100 cya test help

    I have concerns over the TF100 test kit CYA test. Opening my pool for first time, 12k gallon. CYA was never added except for several chlorine tabs during opening, so I figure CYA was maybe 5 max. I measured and added 6lbs of dry CYA over the past 4 days, as I was worried about pH lowering...
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    Pump inlet minimum straight length.

    Thought I would follow up with relevant info talking about head loss. Opened pool up. Have vacuum and pressure gauge on pump. Measured 58 ft head at max rpm 3450, giving me 114 GPM, pretty nice! That’s in pool mode with spillover from spa. In spa only mode have 68 ft head for 100 GPM at max...
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    Balancing water for first time after pool finished during winter

    Does anyone know of a more advanced pool calculator where I can just input all my current levels and it tells me all the things to add? For example my pH is too high, so can add acid. Can add Baking Soda to raise TA, but I know the acid will affect that. Seems like it would be nice if some...
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    Equipment pad plumbing review

    Well, my equipment pad is almost complete. Need to put in anode, minor plumbing changes I requested. Got jandy automation sub panel up. Looking pretty nice I think.
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