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  1. johnnybravojr

    SWG Creating bubbles?

    I just had to replace my IC40 with this Generic Replacement Salt Cell for Pentair IC40 | Discount Salt Pool . Installation was pretty easy. The only strange thing is it seems like when the SWG is running, it produces a cloudy bubble stream. I attached a photo for reference. If I set the SWG to...
  2. johnnybravojr

    Pentair IC40 Cell light flashing green

    I know there's a high chance that the cell is dead but it is currently hard/very expensive to find a new one so I wanted to see if there are any troubleshooting options left. A couple of days ago, my saltwater pool became cloudy. The cell light flashes green (but salt and all other indicators...
  3. johnnybravojr

    Mastertemp 200 - Display completely blank and no LEDs

    Hello, Had a few storms recently (although not sure it is what caused the damage). I have a Mastertemp 200 pool heater and the display is blank and no LEDs illuminate. I saw that the fuse was blown. Got a replacement fuse and turned back on the breaker and the new fuse blew instantly. I'm...