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  1. J

    VS Motor surge protection

    Would a panel mounted surge protector like HOM2175sb be enough to protect a VS pool pump or is there a better method?
  2. J

    Pump Died

    My pump had died. It was on hospice for two year so I have been planning for this day. I wanted to check with others to see if my new pump selection is appropriate? My new pump selection is based on the assumption that my original pump was sized correctly. The deceased pump is a 10 year old...
  3. J

    2 speed pump switch

    I will eventually install a 2-speed pump for my pool. Will a typical in-ground pool pump prime on low speed? If it will then below is a mute point. If it will not please keep reading. I want my new pump to run on high speed for the first 10 minutes to make sure it is primed before and...
  4. J

    Chlorine Potency

    How long does it take liquid chlorine to degrade in strength? I bought some from my local Ace Hardware store and when I poured it in my pool is was clear not yellow like previous chlorine I have bought. Three hours after I added it I checked my chlorine and it did not change. My math...
  5. J

    Liquid Chlorine from ACE Hardware

    Just bought 5 gallons of liquid chlorine from ACE Hardware and no one working could tell me the percentage? When I asked the fellow that filled the jugs he said "it was strong". On the up side they did not try and sell me any chemicals I did not need and I did not have to drive 1 hour to the...
  6. J

    Bad CYA????

    I started the season with a CYA of 30. On 3/21 while trying to get to 50/60 CYA I put in 4lbs. and it moved to 40 after a week then dropped back to 30 a few weeks later. On 4/19 I purchased 4 more lbs. and put in 2lbs. on 4/13 and 2lbs. on 4/20. Today my CYA is between 30 and 40. My TA has...
  7. J

    PSI Loss

    In the last week my PSI at the filter has dropped from 13psi to 9psi. I can only think of three things that my be the problem: 1. Gauge is bad 2. Pump is going bad 3. Blockage in pipe between skimmer and pump Are these the only reasons or have I missed some? Replacing the gauge is easy and...
  8. J

    Burning/Stinging eyes

    My nephews came and swam this weekend and after a long day in the pool they complained of burning/Stinging eyes. I have read alot of the forums and it seems that this problem is caused by high CC's and/or low PH. I have had neither of these in 3 years thanks to this website and the BBB method...
  9. J

    Muratic Acid Cost

    I was buying my Muratic Acid from Home Depot for around $9.00 per gallon last year. I when back last week to get some more and it was $12.00 per gallon. Has any body else noticed this? Is there something going on in the Muratic Acid market or did Home Depot just raise prices?
  10. J

    Hoard of Chemicals

    I just disposed of a hoard of chemicals that the pool store sold me before I found this website. It was a great feeling. :party: So as not to be to wasteful I did keep the chemicals that I could use (PH down). I essentially only use two chemicals since I found BBB, Chlorine and Muratic Acid...
  11. J

    TA re-agents

    Can the TA re-agents lose there effectiveness over time? I just opened a new bottle of R0009 (The solution for the last step) and my TA spiked up 20 ppm. I performed the test just as I normally do.
  12. J

    Hayward Tristar Dieing

    I do beleive my Hayard Tristar is Dieing. It is 1HP rated with a SF of 1.85HP. I am considering going with a two speed and from information gathered from different post here am thinking about the Pentair Whisperflow series. The PSI at the filter is 14psi. I do not know what the vacuum figure...
  13. J

    Do Borates taste bad?

    My family has been complaining that the water in our pool taste bad. This only started happening since I added Borates. I have to agree that the water does have a different taste than before but since I take care of the pool and Borated help me do that I can get use to the different taste. I...
  14. J

    Chlorine loss per day

    Bama What loss per day is your demand figured on? If I have done my math right it looks like 1ppm. 12*12*3.14*4*7.5 = 13,565 gal. or 1.7 million oz. 1 quart of 6% has 1.92 oz. of chloine. I seem to lose 2 to 3 ppm per day.
  15. J

    15% liquid Chlorine

    Went to the local Ace Hardware to inquire about the percentage of their liquid chlorine I got the deer in the headlights look. I went back later to see the owner/manager about the same question and he said it was 15%. As I was walking away he said it was the same as everybody else sold. I...
  16. J


    When calculating wattage for different motors I would normally use 240 volts however, the motors have a range listed on them of 208-230 volts. Would I use 208, 230 or 240? Not to mention that they sometimes they even have an amperage range listed. I generally use the highest figures listed on...
  17. J


    Just took the plunge! 26 boxes of 20-Mule and 8 gallons of Muratic Acid. TIP: I was going to do this last year but my TA was not in the acceptable range. I emptied seven boxes into a container to make storage easier. I dumped this into the pool and ended up with a one foot square block of...
  18. J

    cya test

    Is the ratio of pool water and CYA solution 50/50? For example: Can I use 10ml of water and 10ml of CYA solution and get the proper results?
  19. J

    Speed Stir

    Has anyone had the light go out in their Speed Stir? Can the bulb be replaced?
  20. J

    Yard Irrigation

    I would like to irrigate my yard surrounding my pool so I do not have to drag the water hose and sprinkler across the deck everytime I need to water the grass. I would like any recomendations of products (good or bad) that ya'll have. I want it controlled electronically so that I can program...
  21. J

    Return shooting out air

    I woke up this morning to a pump starved for water. The skimmers were full of leaves (and spiders (big spiders)) so I cleaned them out. Allot of leaves fell back into the skimmer in my effort to avoid the spiders (did I mention I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS) so I decided to clean the basket at the...
  22. J

    SWG questions

    I am in the process of analyzing SWG's and most, if not all the websites indicated that they can generate enough chlorine in a day to keep your 40k pool sanitized. My question is, what chlorine level are they using and how long is the pump require to run to acheive this level? Is their day an...
  23. J

    Fiberstars fix

    I wrote a thread awhile ago about a problem with my fiberstars and the company would not sell me the parts and said that I had to purchase a new unit. I decided that if I was going to have to purchase a new unit that I would take the old one apart and see if I could fix it before I purchased...
  24. J

    broken pool brushes

    Does anyone know where to buy industrial strenght pool brushes. I brush my pool 1 to 2 times a week and the standard aluminum brushes that I purchased at walmart or the pool store break way to often. I have broken 3 in the last year and a half. I need a brush that can take some abuse as I...
  25. J

    Broken Fiberstars

    The other night I noticed my Fiberstars 6004as illuminator smoking. This smoke had a smell of electrical objects being burned. Once I saw this I turned it off waited about 1/2 an hour and turned it back on and it worked. The next day I took the top enclosure off and look for any possible...
  26. J

    Taylor Speed Stir

    Just got my new gadget a Taylor Speed Stir. It calculated my clorine at 4ppm while the manual way that I use to do it calculated 16ppm. Does the fact that it spins more affect the numbers? I did test twice with using both the standard method and the speed stir and the results were the same.
  27. J

    Bleach Usage

    Right now in the summer months I have to add 182oz. of bleach daily to keep my pool at a FC of 6 or greater. Does this sound reasonable? I know that increased CYA will raise the amount of bleach I use to shock the pool, but will this reduce the amount of bleach that the sun burns off daily...
  28. J

    Mustard Algae, Pollen, Dirt???

    I have brown powdery substance that is getting into the indentions on the floor of my pool. This brown stuff is in the areas of the return jets giving me the opinion that this stuff is going thru my system filter and all and being redistributed into my pool. We have had allot of pollen this...
  29. J

    Polaris 280

    I am looking at purchasing a Polaris 280 and one web site recommends the 280 w/tracks for vinyl pools. They indicated that the tracks provide better traction in vinyl pools, however they do not offer tracks on the 380 model for vinyl pools? The cost of the tracked 280 is actually less than...
  30. J

    Aquabot turbo vs. suction side cleaner

    I have a polaris raptor hooked to a dedicated suction line. The Raptor is absolutely useless and am considering purchasing a suction side cleaner such as the Poolcleaner or the Polaris ATV. However a friend gave me an Aquabot turbo but it will not run and needs servicing. Should I buy a...