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    Help with light to medium blue water color with Pebble Sheen?

    Was thinking Aqua Blue but recent pics I e seen it looks more oF a Caribbean color on the greenish side? Looking for light to medium blue without gray or green. Please help my builder needs color selection yesterday 🤣
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    Pebble sheen color selection has been difficult. We are looking for a lighter water color without green cast. Cool blue, aqua blue, suggestions?

    Please help with any pics of pools or experience regarding a light to medium blue without green. Does aqua blue have a green hue to it?
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    choosing pebble tech/sheen finish any photos would be appreciated.

    If anyone could post pics of pebble tech or pebble sheen finishes in their home pool we would appreciate the help. Tahoe blue, blue surf, aqua blue are 3 we have strongly considered but in some pics they look more green than blue. the pebble tech site has pics but they vary greatly from Live...