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  1. SoFlo Tech

    Who has opened their own pool cleaning business?

    I’ve been cleaning pools for almost a year, and friends have been saying I should start my own pool cleaning business. I have owned and successfully run several businesses in the past. But when I started this job, it was my semi-retirement job. It has perfect hours, no stress, working outside...
  2. SoFlo Tech

    Alkalinity- how low is too low?

    So I have been maintaining 75 customers’ pools for almost a year now and am always battling high ph. Especially with salt cell systems. One thing I have observed is that when keeping a lower alkalinity (50-70) my ph remains a steady 7.2 - 7.8. In the past this alkalinity would cause me to add...
  3. SoFlo Tech

    Pool tech from South Florida.

    Good morning. I have been working as a pool technician for almost 1 year now and have learned an immense amount of knowledge during this time. One thing I have learned is everyone maintains their pools differently. So any advice I have been given is always biased based upon that technicians...