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    Broken Skimmer Fitting

    I was just thinking about that actually, thank you! Glad to get some validation on what seems like insane ideas initially haha. Figured I’d just use a hole saw and power away at it from above…. Will likely give that a shot this week if it’s glued in and I can’t get it to budge, will keep this...
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    Broken Skimmer Fitting

    Thanks for confirming @mknauss! Now I just need to figure out how to unplug the 2nd hole. It looks like there might be a plug inserted from the bottom, because when I look at it from the top all I can see and feel are a few threads where a gizmo or plug would typically be screwed into but there...
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    Broken Skimmer Fitting

    Hey TFP, hoping to get some advice on how to proceed with a broken skimmer fitting. Little bit of background on my pool and the problem. - Pool is a vinyl liner pool, liner is only about 2-3 yrs old but the pool is probably 30-40 yrs old. Steel wall construction, plumbed with black poly, which...