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    Water temp for winter days (Florida)

    We did this for one day in Charlotte earlier this year when snow was in the forecast on a Saturday (which pretty much never happens) and we wanted to have a "full hot tub" party. We have a small pool (under 8K gallons) and it took about $200 in gas to get it from the 50's to 97 (since it was...
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    Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 4.55.10 PM.png

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    Cleaning Calcium Scale Myself - am I crazy?

    Thank you both for the quick reply. If anyone knows a pro in the Charlotte area that does bead or kierserite blasting please let me know!
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    Cleaning Calcium Scale Myself - am I crazy?

    Hey TFP! I have some significant calcium scale build up on my tile (see below pics - its the white haze at the top which forms an arched pattern half way down the tile). My tile is a grey natural stone (looks like slate) with a pretty matte finish. I called around and 1) can't find a pro to...
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    Hayward Colorlogic 320 Replacement Questions

    Thanks! @IMissNimoy, I will try giving Hayward a call and see if they will replace it under warranty. The black gunk is soft like gum.
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    Hayward Colorlogic 320 Replacement Questions

    I have 3 colorlogic lights and the one in the spa started getting dimmer and finally failed after about 2 years. I pulled it out this weekend and found water inside the LED area. Looking at it raises a few questions I am hoping the community can answer: 1) water inside the LED part is BAD I...
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    OmniLogic Pump Diagnostics Power Consumption Question

    I have a Hayward OmniLogic controller which has an LCD screen on the unit itself which you can use to control things as well as a phone interface. When I view the pump diagnostics on the phone interface the power consumption is radically different then when viewed on the LCD screen of the...
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    Plaster discoloration question

    Thanks! Much appreciated.
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    Plaster discoloration question

    Our pool is about a year old. I think I may be seeing some discoloration or "spochyness" developing in the plaster on the pool floor. In the below pics I am talking about the lighter sections. In the second pic its the vertical strip in the middle of the image. I am hoping i am just seeing...
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    Hayward Omnilogic Flowsensor sensitivity

    I am getting a no-flow warning when my pump is at low speed. I have the omnilogic set to shut the pump down in a no flow situation to protect the pump but now cant run the system on low speed because the flow sensor thinks there is no flow and shuts the pump off (BTW there is definitely flow...
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    Hayward Omnilogic question

    Yes - that's exactly what mine does. As a side note, my heater has a safety setting where it wont fire up if the water flow is level is too low. Originally my omnilogic configuration was set for the minimum pump speed during heater function to be 60% but that was too low for the heater to...
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    Intermittent haze when heating - microscopic bubbles?

    I have not. Just the normal chemicals to keep the CH and PH in check. I add 4-6 ounces of muriatic acid every 2-3 days
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    Intermittent haze when heating - microscopic bubbles?

    The haze definitely appears to happening when the SWG is on as you thought JamesW. It also looks like the heater being on when the SWG is active may be part of the cause as well. So the question now is this anything to br concerned about or is it normal?
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    Intermittent haze when heating - microscopic bubbles?

    Thanks! I will try that
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    Intermittent haze when heating - microscopic bubbles?

    Just started getting haziness when heating my pool. Much more apparent in the spa due, I think, to the fact that its a more concentrated space then the pool. If I shut the pump off the haze dissipates in a couple of minutes. I have checked the chemistry (PH - 7.6, Calcium Hardness -310, Total...
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    Newby questions - CH for "winter" in Charlotte, SWGs, Valves, Heaters, Oh My!

    Ahhh, I see what you are saying about the throttling of the cleaner output. I guess my problem is that even with the pump on 100% and the valves fully open I still don't get the wheel rotations recommended. I'll take a look at the robot hose and see if it has any leaks that may be causing a...
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    Hayward H250FDN ERROR CODE Sb

    I have the same issue. I have turned off the breaker and the code persists. From what I have read this is a common issue (my heater is only 6 month old) . I don't use my keypad to control the heater (its controlled by the OmniLoigic controller). Anyone have an opinion if its worth...