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    Digital pH Meter

    I have been using this for the past year and have had good success. It's accurate and easy to set up and read.
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    When to drain due to calcium

    Thx. There was a glitch in the site so I didn't see the original response.
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    When to drain due to calcium

    I have a similar situation but will be installing a SWG in the next few weeks. We have hard water so due to fill water my CH is 500. What level of CH do I need to either do a partial drain and refill (looking into processed water - RODI or DI if I can find it) or a no-drain exchange.
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    Elevated CH. When to drain.

    Question - I am in a similar situation - hard water in the Austin area. I have a 1 year old pool that I am transitioning to a SWG. My CH is currently 500 and will continue to increase due to fill water. When do I need to either do a partial drain and fill (would look to do this with a service...
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    When to Drain Equipment During Power Outage

    Thanks all.....appreciate the guidance.
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    When to Drain Equipment During Power Outage

    Thx. Obviously this storm will not be nearly as severe as last year and the power outages should be hours not days or rolling. I just don't have a feel for how long to wait during an outage to drain the equipment before the water in the above ground pipes and equipment freezes. With my luck...
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    When to Drain Equipment During Power Outage

    How long should I wait to drain equipment during a power outage due to a winter storm. Temperatures are expected to be in high teens to low 20s for 48 hours and an ice storm is in the forecast.......which will likely result in a power outage. I have identified the plugs on all the equipment...
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    Maytronics caddy & robot cover ideas?

    I use the caddy cover that Maytronics sells for it. Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Classic Caddy Cover | 9991794-R1
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    Yep. Works for me in Chrome also.
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    Going broke using bleach, HELP!

    I also live in Leander and have a 13,000 gallon pool that was installed in May. I add 40-50 ounces of 10% bleach (Lowes) every morning (less when I have the 12% from Leslie's) to go from an FC of 4.5-5 to 6.5 - 7.0. My CYA is 40. That would equate to about 70 ounces per day for a 20,000...
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    New Pool - Holes & Thin Spots in Pebble Tec

    We have a new pool build - pool plastered and filled the second week of May. Since then, spots have developed in a small area near one of the drains that appear to be a dime sized hole in the Pebble Tec (dark spot in second picture) and / or thin spots in the Pebble Tec that are turning brown...
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    New pebble in with glass, filling with water...

    Thanks!! Agree about PBs and their contractors. One of several issues I have is that they PB didn't install the autofill box when the decking was poured and their solution is a jerry-rigged retrofit of the box. I may buy the Kona and have them install it instead. We are in Crystal Falls /...
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    New pebble in with glass, filling with water...

    Hi C. I'm in the middle of a pool build from h3ll here in Austin. Who built / plastered your pool? Also - does the Kona Autofill work? My autofill wasn't installed correctly and was looking at going with the Kona for autofill.
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    What do you use to measure/ add

    I agree that measuring isn't necessary. With that said I use this. 64 oz. Accu-Pour PP Measuring Pitcher
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    Typical LC usage?

    I'm in Austin. Pool is 2.5 months old (no SWCG). The pool is in the direct sun 8 hours a day. I lose 3-4 PPM daily and add about 40 oz of 12% liquid chlorine every morning. This is normal and you should see / plan on something similar.
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    Pulling the plug

    I drain and rinse out the bottom of the filter housing every time but I only clean my filter once a season.
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    Robot is eating my eyeball

    The return is most likely a screw on fitting. The trim ring should screw off with the pump off (may be tight but will come off). If the trim ring is cracked the eyeball will come out.....sounds like this is the case.
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    Could someone look at my bid and offer HONEST feedback please

    Hello Carla. I live in Leander / Crystal Falls and have the pool build from h3ll going on. My input is only on builder - do not use Denali Pools.
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    Should I be losing chlorine this quickly?

    I also live in Austin and have a 2 month old pool so I don't have a lot of data yet. With that said I have been losing 3-4 PPM in a 24 hour period on sunny days. The pool gets about 8-9 hours of direct sunlight daily. I use only liquid chlorine, don't have a SWCG and my CYA is 30-40.
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    Autofill Y/N

    I have a new pool bid here is Austin and they installed the backflow preventer / fill connection at a hose bib in the back of the house. The hose bib is still a hose bib, just has a BF preventer installed also. Do you have an outside hose bib anywhere near the pool?
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    Building a pool in Austin, need advice *updated list of equipment*

    We live in Austin and are in the middle of the pool build from h3ll. Most PBs are having issues due to lack of contractors and equipment but do yourself a favor and do not use Denali Pools. Contact me if you want more color.
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    Water boatmen, wife got stung/bit

    Backswimmers look similar to boatman but swim on their backs. If you can identify the culprit it will be easier to combat. Bug o'the Week - Water Boatmen and Backswimmers Rerun
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    Water boatmen, wife got stung/bit

    My guess is that they are not water boatman but rather backswimmers. Water boatman don't bite as they eat algae. To get rid of them you need to get rid of all algae - SLAM process is the way. Backswimmers do bite and the way to get rid of them is to get rid of their food source - other bugs...
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    Which is better - DE or Cartridge filter?

    I agree that you're probably not going to see a difference in the clarity of the pool between cartridge and DE. With that said, I went with a Pentair Quad DE 100 - which is oversized for my pool - as it is really a cartridge filter that you charge with DE and clean just like a cartridge filter...
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    Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 & Power Center

    I have a bypass installed and can decided to use it / not use it so I'm fine with having it installed. I focused on making sure I have good equipment that counts and will reduce maintenance. For example, I have a 13,000 gallon pool and a Pentair Quad DE 100 filter that they had to drive 2...
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    Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 & Power Center

    If I were to upgrade the panel, what Pentair panel should I get? I have an Intelliflo 3HP VSF Filter pump, 2HP Wisperflo feature pump, 400K BTU Heater, 3 LED lights and a UV System. As I said, I want to add a SWG but don't know that I will have any additional equipment after that.