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  1. Sunbaby

    New Build in Middle of Nowhere Texas

    Hey y’all!! I spent so many hours here during my first build. I learned everything from this site. We moved and had to leave our pool 😭. We moved to the middle of nowhere (our hometown where we met in Kindergarten, but that’s a story for another time). Trying to get builders to come here is...
  2. Sunbaby

    About to build . . . AGAIN

    Hey y'all! I haven't been here in quite a few years, I was a member years ago during my first pool build. My pool was fantastic and ended selling my house before it even went on the market :) We moved and I am ready to build again - but want to see what the latest and greatest in pools are...
  3. Sunbaby

    Checking in after Harvey!

    Hi friends! I know I kinda fell off the map for a while after our pool build, I still jump on when I have a question and do a little research to find the answers. I have received a few PMs from you guys and wanted to just post a quick update. We are doing okay after the flood, we received...
  4. Sunbaby

    What in the World???

    OK - we have had a LOT of wind and rain and I have a ton of pine trees. When the storms come in, a TON of pine needles and other tree debris fall into the pool and the winds push them to the tanning ledge. This happens 2 X a year and I go out and empty skimmers 2X a day during this time and...
  5. Sunbaby

    Expectation VS Reality

    Pine trees suck. #ExpectationVSReality The swan had a party while we were out.
  6. Sunbaby

    Blue Surf in Houston Area - that we could take a look at?

    Hey guys! One of my friends is building a pool, YAY! They are on this site, but lurking. Their PB doesn't have a Blue Surf for them to look at - any chance one of you in the area would allow them to come take a look? They are super nervous about picking it without seeing it in person...
  7. Sunbaby

    Help a girl out? CSI adjustment

    Hey guys - I have been trying to figure out what I should adjust for CSI. I do all my own testing with a TF-100 - my pool is 1 year old. Ive never had any crazy numbers - other than during the floods a few weeks ago my water got really diluted - I have since brought everything back up. Even...
  8. Sunbaby

    Heater use - mathematician needed

    Ok guys I've searched and found all sorts of threads on how to determine how much it costs to heat a pool and how long it takes. BTUs, therms & other terms I know nothing about. I can't figure it out. So, please help a gal out. I simply need an estimation on when I should start heating my pool...
  9. Sunbaby

    Anyone used this spray? Garlic???

    I just got this in. It was very pricey but is supposed to be great at repelling mosquitos. But. It's sealed and in a bag. AND I can smell the garlic!
  10. Sunbaby

    Ready to change from Traditional to Trouble Free on PoolMath - couple of questions

    Hey gang! I have a couple of questions. Here is a little backstory in case it is relevant. My pool was built last summer and I used pucks until my pool builder gave me pool school and "released" me. I switched to bleach and never looked back. I have maintained my pool with no issues using...
  11. Sunbaby

    Cooler Weather, FC - 3 days no change?

    Hey guys - it has been a while since I have posted (which in pool land means all is well). I have been on bleach for a while - everything going great. It has gotten chilly here in TX - my pool water is at 60 degrees - right now it is 55 out. Up until this past week - I have been adding 30-35...
  12. Sunbaby

    Should I try to reduce my CC from .5 (spa smells like chlorine when we fire it up)

    Hey guys. I have been searching on the forum and found a lot of great information on the topic - but I wasn't sure I was putting the information together correctly for my situation. My pool and spa are connected (same water). The only time the spa is isolated is when it is in spa mode (maybe...
  13. Sunbaby

    Newish pool - PH and TA low today - double check my numbers, please.

    OK guys my pool is a couple months old - I am still under the pool builders thumb - as I have not gone through pool school yet. However - he loves me and pretty much lets me do what I want. He even told me that I can do BBB because it is cheaper and the same thing. Until I go through pool...
  14. Sunbaby

    RAIN!!!! It is about to rain - my pool is HOT should I turn pumps on?

    It is 104 today - but we are about to have a storm blow in!!! (so excited!) Hoping the rain will cool my pool off some. I have an overfill drain - and I am already close to the top of it (I added water last night) - should I turn my pumps on to try to save the rain water and get it integrated...
  15. Sunbaby

    Attached spa, summer use - how much does it raise your water temps?

    Hey guys - I've got a pool with an attached spa. It isn't feasible for me to run the spa completely independent of the pool (except when in spa mode) because I have a huge waterfall that spills over into the spa, then into the pool. I know it sounds crazy wanting to heat the spa in 100+ degree...
  16. Sunbaby

    Houston Pool Builder on the run . . .

    Saw this on Channel 2 News last night - looks like a pool builder here in Houston (name is listed in written report) started lots of pools - didn't pay any contractors and moved!
  17. Sunbaby

    Anyone add Abalone shells to PT ONLY on Tanning Ledge and Spa?

    I am so far over budget the idea of adding another $550 for shells (for the entire pool) hurts. I thought I would see if anyone has added it just to the tanning ledge and spa? Any pictures, suggestions, thoughts? Going to ask my PB tomorrow about it - but before I do, thought I would see what...
  18. Sunbaby

    Anyone get pebble interior done BEFORE decking (concrete)

    I'm formed and waiting on concrete. Due to the month of rain and flooding we had, concrete is in high demand. I'm first in line but was wondering if there is a reason I couldn't get the PT interior done first? I've noticed on most build threads decking is first - I'm assuming to keep concrete...
  19. Sunbaby

    What is that smell?!?

    Wow. So yesterday walked outside and it smelled like something died a week ago. We thought it was the trash & cleaned & bleached it. The crews were here working in about a foot of mud and muck - I was so embarrassed of the smell. My PB showed up to check on the job & I mentioned the smell. He...
  20. Sunbaby

    What if - it's clear & we dig tomorrow & then it pours again?

    Ok guys, we are still scheduled to dig tomorrow. I think I need some Xanax & wine because I am FREAKING out. It's been dry & sunny for 4-5 days. It's supposed to be dry tomorrow. So - what if they dig & then it rains Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you get the idea. Won't that cave in the...
  21. Sunbaby

    Testing the tap - safe to bathe?

    First time tester, long time reader here. Received my test kit today! YAY. So I had to test my tap water, of course, since we don't break ground on the pool for a week. We are on a community well if that matters. I'm hoping y'all can tell me by the numbers if I did it right? Chlorine drop...
  22. Sunbaby

    Time-lapse using Surveillance System video? - Help with speeding it up?

    Hello gang! Not sure I put this in the correct forum - so please move if need be. I have been trying to figure out a way to record my pool build and speed it up so I can share the cool videos like you guys have. The hubs wasn't excited about spending $400 on GoPro - so I went to plan B. We...
  23. Sunbaby

    Moss rock coping - anyone have it?

    Our pool will have a 20' moss rock weeping wall and a large moss rock waterfall into the spa. I had decided on flagstone coping, but I can get moss rock coping for same cost. Wondering if it would look better and transition better. Anyone have it? Do you have pics? Is it rough? Is it harder to...
  24. Sunbaby

    How many jets in your spa?

    Hey guys. I don't know why it never crossed my mind - I didn't even think about jets in the spa. We are getting a 7' round spa and set to have 6 jets. I have NO idea if that is enough. I want lots of movemen in the water. I have not researched or planned the spa. I just said I want one. I know...
  25. Sunbaby

    Liquidator AND Rainbow Chlorinator?

    Hey guys - I am trying to figure all this out. We have had an AGP for 3 years and always used pucks with no problems. Just took it down and starting a build for an inground pool. I am trying to read as much as I can, but I feel, at times, that I am in an advanced chem class and going to flunk...
  26. Sunbaby

    What is your swim season?

    The hubs & I have been in deep conversation about how much "use" we will be getting out of the actual pool each year. We are in Houston & with my AGP we swam pretty much May-Oct. that's about a 6 month swim season. We were both shocked that it wasn't longer (we never really thought about it...
  27. Sunbaby

    Is it taboo to list your Pool Builder?

    I was looking at everyone's Pool Builds and I didn't really see any that listed the Pool Builder. Is it Taboo? I checked the rules forum and didn't see anything about it.
  28. Sunbaby

    New Pool Build - Conroe, TX - LOTS of pics! Come say hi Y'all.

    Okay gang, I am a total photo bug - so I will be posting LOTS of pictures! We signed a contract 3/31, have received HOA approval on 4/6 and are not so patiently waiting for our appraisal to get funding via Home Improvement Loan. If - - - <insert sight> we don't qualify for the Home Improvement...
  29. Sunbaby

    Does the concrete truck cause damage to your driveway?

    Hey guys - I have a pretty long driveway - nice concrete with no cracks ;) I started thinking about how they access your backyard. I assume it will be okay for them to drive heavy equipment up my driveway? Right? Or will a concrete truck crack it? Any experience? I think I am over-thinking...
  30. Sunbaby

    Anyone use Sun Rings?

    Anyone use these to help conserve energy? Thinking about one for spa. Thoughts? http://