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    Adding CYA/Adjusting SWG

    That's great news. Thank you
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    Adding CYA/Adjusting SWG

    My SWG runs for 18hrs a day. While my pool has been stable, I was only going to adjust my CYA because TFP suggests a higher amount which requires more FC. Are you suggesting that I keep it where it is? Thanks
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    Adding CYA/Adjusting SWG

    Hello, I'm curious what adjustments I can expect to make to my SWG while adding CYA to my pool. Current levels: CYA-50-55 FC-5-5.5 SWG output 30% My target numbers are: CYA-80 FC-6 My question is: Will adding CYA and keeping my output the same result in higher FC? Is it possible I will have to...
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    CYA test - Home/Store tests

    Roger that. I've got the standards tests coming in the mail. Thanks
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    CYA test - Home/Store tests

    I'm unsure what my daily loss is as I just had my SWG installed, and I'm fine-tuning it. It also doesn't help that we've had multiple cloudy days as well. Without the SWG I had to float 2-3 tabs and also use liquid chlorine maybe 10oz every other day or so.
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    CYA test - Home/Store tests

    Hi there, This is my first year with a pool... I've been religiously having my water test done at my local pool store while also testing my water using my TF-PRO kit. I was doing this initially to compare the results. Now that I'm comfortable doing the home test, it's time to decide what to do...
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    Adding Borates

    Yes, boric acid from Duda. Thank you
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    Adding Borates

    Hello, I'm curious if there's any reason why I can't go ahead and add borates to my pool while I'm still working on lowering my TA to 60. I've gotten it down from 140 to 100. Should I just hold odd until my TA is at 60 or can I go ahead and add the borates. Thanks Jeff
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    No green lights

    Hi Jim, Quick question.. The top circuit breaker is my filter pump breaker. Looking at the diagram it appears to me that the filter pump breaker and the SWG breaker should both be wired to the filter pump relay. I don't have ANYTHING wired to the filter pump relay. Thank you Jeff
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    No green lights

    Roger that. Thank you Jeff
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    No green lights

    Thank you Jim, Are you aware of a specific Youtube video or an actual picture of correct wiring? I can certainly study the diagram on the panel but I'd feel more comfortable if I could actually see it wired correctly. Also, I have three little breakers inside my panel that are visible without...
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    No green lights

    Does this help?
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    No green lights

    Jim, I appreciate your help on this matter but I figured it out. I wasn't giving the SWG enough time to adjust the green lights after I made a change on my phone. I think my next concern coincides with the wiring issue you spoke of. If I turn my pool pump off, the SWG remains "on" but I'm...
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    No green lights

    Hi Jim, Yes, I have a power center. I put the system in service mode and all the green lights remained illuminated. Attached are some pics.
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    No green lights

    Hello, I had my IC-20 installed today and I have questions about the green lights.. The only way to get the green lights to illuminate is to have Super Chlorination on. They will all be lit up. As soon as I have super turned off, all the lights turn off. On Screenlogic I have my pool output to...
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    Pentair schedules

    Thanks Jim, I also like the idea of continuous operation. Unfortunately, ScreenLogic on a Mac doesn't look anything like the screenshot you shared. I'm not able to set circuits and speeds. Here's a screen shot of ScreenLogic from my phone.
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