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  1. The Sarge

    Im lost help. No visible improvement.

    I've been slamming for 2 days and have seen no visible improvement of my water. Algae is still present, filter has been running. If anything the green is darker. When I started I dropped the PH to 7.4 and started the SLAM, and have been keeping up the chlorine volume to 16ppm. I ha e been using...
  2. The Sarge

    Green algae taken over.

    Hello everyone, I was dealing with black algae for over a month and finally got rid of it. My pool was balanced and doing great them out of no where green algae took over. I checked the levels added full bottle of MA and did a SLAM waited 24 hours and it was worse. My PH is reading 8.6 and I...
  3. The Sarge

    Churning water in pump basket

    So my water in the pump basket it churning and I've noticed air coming out the jets. After a month of trouble shooting I called a pool company. They came out and said everything is fine, I had good flow and bubbles coming out the jets was normal. I told them I was getting about 12 psi and now...