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    Loss of pump head

    Apologies in advance for the long description… 20+ yr old 20x40 36,000g in-ground pool with a DE filter setup (ProGrid 4820). I’ve been removing and reinstalling the filter/motor etc for 20 years without an issue. This year upon assembly the pump motor didn’t run. I replaced the capacitor...
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    Vacuum losing suction

    20x40 IG vinyl liner 36,000 gallon 20+ year old pool. Had a number of issues this year opening the pool (plus some vacation travel) and my pool is just about ready, but needs a good vacuum. Once connected, the vacuum will lose its head. Replaced the pump motor with an exact replacement...
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    Cloudy & Foaming - DE issue? Next steps?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but belong to others and greatly appreciate the experts who contribute their time, expertise and advice to help others. My pool is a 20x40 steel wall/vinyl liner (installed last year) 36k gallon igp. I have a 1.5hp Hayward pump/DE filter (model 4800...