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  1. SaltyBHouston

    IC40 Producing Stuck @ 100% Production

    I am having trouble with my IC40 constantly producing @ 100%. I have tried to turn it down via Screenlogic and EasyTouch and the lights on the cell will not reduce to the appropriate level. I disabled the cell in EasyTouch and tried to use the manual buttons to turn down the cell and nothing...
  2. SaltyBHouston

    IC40 Salt Reading 9900

    My IC40 salt level has been creeping up almost weekly. I have repeatedly tested my salt level with my TF100 and I am constantly in the mid 3000s. Is this something I should worry about?
  3. SaltyBHouston

    Boric Acid Timing & Storage Questions

    Hello all, pebble pool completed in January 2022, is there any reason not to add Borates this soon? Is there an optimum timeframe or temperature threshold I should wait for? Additionally, can I store granular boric acid, CYA, calcium chloride and salt outside in the same deck box?
  4. SaltyBHouston

    Equinox Louvered Patio Cover

    We love this thing!!! We live in Houston and this patio cover transformed our patio into a paradise! We have had it for a little over a year now and could not be happier.
  5. SaltyBHouston

    New Pool 1st Vacation Plan

    Completed start up and pool school on 1/24, the PB has transitioned all maintenance to me. We are going out of town for a week, is there a strategy I should follow to avoid unwanted issues? I currently have 4.5lbs of CYA in socks in front of the return. That should be finished today. I...
  6. SaltyBHouston

    Hello from Houston

    Hello, new guy here, ready to learn all the ins and outs of my 15000 gallon + Spa saltwater setup. We are currently in start up, and running chlorine, chlorinator is plumbed in addition to the salt generator. Pebble Sheen plaster completed 1/8/22, the builder is saying 6 weeks until we add...