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    What is this? Translucent scales on surface

    Finally got a good photo. This stuff is driving me nuts. Any idea what I am dealing with here? Something related to pool chemistry or organic material? And how do I get rid of it?? Thanks
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    Balancing Check In

    Been use PoolMath app, attached my current numbers. Even at the 30 mark on the CYA test the dot is faintly visible so I think I’m even lower there. It does seem like any sunlight eats up my FC pretty quick but pool looks great otherwise. I have been using liquid chlorine to raise FC normally...
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    Made the mistake of trying to remove spider gasket

    So I've been battling an issue with DE going back into my pool from the returns. I replaced the grids, manifold and stand pipe O-ring. I inspected the stand pipe itself carefully. When I tried adding DE after this, same result. Clouds of white from the returns. I decided to try the spider...
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    So how much DE now?

    So, for anyone not familiar with my other threads, here is the rundown New pool owner (old pool). Had it opened and cleaned. They tried to add DE but stopped when they noticed it was coming from the returns. I take the filter apart, hose down the grids, inspect everything, looks okay...
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    DE returning to pool

    When I had the Pool opened they noted that there was DE appearing at the returns. They said the most likely cause was a tear and name some of the things that I frankly can't recall. I opened up the filter for the first time today (Pentair Plus FNS60) and took it apart and gave it a cleaning (no...
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    Help me understand my equipment better

    I want to understand how my pool works a little better. I understand the very basics but I guess I want to get a deeper understanding so I can address issues myself. I've included a picture of my equipment below along with a photo I've labeled for ease of reference. Let me know how wrong I am...
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    Leaving robot in pool?

    Set up my new S200 (Prowler 920) over the weekend. Little guy works like a charm. I'm a little confused as to how it should stored. The instructions are pretty clear about not leaving it in all the time, and to never operate out of water. It also has a few automation options - 3 days a week...
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    Yellowish spots on plaster - etching?

    I've attached a few photos for reference. Bought house with pool a few months ago. Pool inspector noted etching in his report. It's a plaster pool, built by Sylvan in 1990. I have to assume it was refinished at least once in that time period. Pool is open, SLAMmed and cleaned. Generally looks...
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    S200 or something else?

    Pool specs should be below but in case I did it wrong, roughly 21k plaster in ground pool, manually chlorinated. Oblong shape with steps and swim out ledger. We have a mesh safety fence in place. S200 is recommended all over this site but a few YouTube videos (PoolBots) seem to recommend other...
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    Just opened first pool tests done, now what?

    Hi all, I have wanted a pool for as long as I can remember. At long last, we closed on a house with a masonry pool at the end of last year. Just for some background, its an oblong plaster pool, I did some rough measurements its around 21000 gallons. Manually chlorinated. I know very little...