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  1. bradgray

    50+ cracks in day-old Shotcrete.

    Greetings again TFP! My post today is filled with excitement and concern. I've done service and repair for pools for many, many years, and as of last week - the pool guy is finally getting a pool! I will concede, we are very good at servicing and repairing the systems of our several hundred...
  2. bradgray

    Hayward Heater - No Power; need clarification on OmniPL wiring

    Greetings! Long time lurker here, finally found a topic I can't seem to get an answer to. I'm on mobile so this'll be a short one. 99% of pools in our area are Pentair. So we are not nearly as adept at Hayward systems. We have a new client with a new Hayward system. Omnilogic PL load center...