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  1. Carnut12

    Pool Builder took some Professional Pictures…

    This one is going to be unique, pictures of the plan and the start of the dig are attached. We can’t wait to see the final product. Any advice or thoughts please don’t hesitate to chime in… One quick comment please disregard the mess on my Carriage House porch, we literally just moved in this...
  2. Carnut12

    Picked our Tile, travertine, and Stonescapes Color!!

    Good Afternoon Everyone!! I just met with another PB and we absolutely LOVE his design. UPDATE- We signed the contract and put down a deposit, I will update this thread accordingly. A few notes, it’s hard to tell from the drawing but the Spa cascades 360 degrees and it will have decorative...
  3. Carnut12

    Quote thoughts???

    Went with a different PB
  4. Carnut12

    Liner maintenance vs Gunite?

    Hey everyone, we absolutely love our pool/backyard, but we will be handing it over to the new home owners that bought our home. We bought liner because we live in Western MA and we were nervous about gunite, that and we really liked the PB that did our vinyl. We are moving to GA and I’m...
  5. Carnut12

    New Build South of Atlanta GA, looking for a decent PB?

    Good Evening Everyone, This forum really helped me my first time around, now I’m moving from New England to Georgia so I’ll be looking to complete another Pool/backyard makeover. Anyone in this area have recommendations for a PB? I will keep everyone updated, this time we will be going with...
  6. Carnut12

    New Pool with SWG, trying to get started with the TFPC method, a few questions???

    Good Afternoon, I have relied on this forum for many things, it helped me immensely making decisions for my pool build. Now my pool has water and I need some advice/help. I do not want to rely on the PB, I would rather learn on my own so I can do this myself going forward. My pool is around...
  7. Carnut12

    New Build in MA, making progress!!!

    Here are some updated pics of my pool, slow but steady progress!! About 30 pallets of pavers and wall waiting to be installed-
  8. Carnut12

    Finally started!!!!!

    After 2 years of debating getting a pool we finally took the plunge. We started this process 2 years ago, but potential relocations at work delayed it. This year I decided I can't just keep waiting thinking we might relocate, we will cross that bridge if and/or when we get there. Here are the...
  9. Carnut12

    Sport type Pool or Traditional Deep End?????

    Recently I have been looking at a bunch of pools to get ideas of what I want, I have noticed a bunch do not have deep ends. They are not all Sport Pools, just shaped pools with no deep ends. The depths vary from 3-5 feet in most. I have noticed most people hang out in the shallow area and it...
  10. Carnut12

    In New England, was set on Liner, but thinking about Gunite?

    I was dead set on Liner, but today I spent a few hours with a Gunite company and after looking at 5-6 pools they installed I am going to see what they can do for me. A few things I like are the Pebbletec, after I saw this in person it is stunning, and I also love how most of their pool builds...
  11. Carnut12

    Got my first Quote in Western MA, thoughts???

    I got my first quote, I live in Western MA. I plan to get 2-3 more PB's out here. I will say my wife and I really liked the PB, he had some great ideas and was not pushy at all. 20X44 Roman Imperial Matrix Polymer with choice of any 28 mil liner- $22,000 Starite S8M150 450 Sq Ft Filter...
  12. Carnut12

    Hello from Western Massachusetts!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy I found this forum, I am just starting to plan my pool build and I can not stop reading all the information you all have to provide!!!!!! I am in Southwick, MA and so far I am leaning towards a Vinyl Liner 20X40 or so with a Roman End on the deep side and Roman steps on the other...