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  1. Kidswimin

    Hot Springs Hot Tub not so Hot

    I have an old (1999) Hot Spring tub that won't heat. We turn the temp down during the week to 85, then turn up on Friday to enjoy the weekend use. It has been turned down since the first week of Feb, too cold to use it. This past Thursday I turned it up to 104 like usual. Friday afternoon I...
  2. Kidswimin

    Solar heat and pump questions

    I am planning to add solar mats this spring, and want to automate as much as possible. My current setup is 3/4 hp pump, sand filter, one skimmer, one return, and main drain. I am planning 5- 4x12 mats on a one story roof with a solar controller and a new pump. The pump is old. Last year I...
  3. Kidswimin

    Pump won't prime

    Long time reader, first time poster. I opened my pool this weekend, used a net to get most of the big stuff. Got the pump running, and started to vacuum the leaves and other debris off the bottom. I removed the vac plate from the skimmer basket to empty it, tried to vacuum more, and pump...