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    Durability of hydraulic cement under pool floor

    Hi, So I have these spots under my liner where vermiculite seems to have gone (or was never applied properly? not sure). I was thinking filling that in with hydraulic cement following someone's suggestion. I looked a bit into hydraulic cement durability and it seems like it usually isn't a very...
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    Any way to DIY gaskets?

    Hi, I need to replace a few gaskets (skimmer, returns) and having a hard time finding "official" ones due to pool age and being in Canada and maybe covid. I found some cork gaskets that might fit but as I'm replacing the liner I think I need the rubbery ones that go behind the liner. I'm not...
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    Repairing floor under vinyl

    Hi everyone, I have an old inground pool that I inherited from the previous home owner who patched their (very old) liner in one spot. As I was looking into replacing the liner with a new one I noticed that the floor has an irregularity which seemed to be close to the spot where the old liner...