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  1. AdamAZ84

    Intellichlor no lights on occasion

    Moved from here. Can I ask a similar question here? I have ic40, most the time the lights are all green and other times, there is no lights at all. When that happens it shows the no comm on the easy touch. When I run test(hold button 3 seconds) it only shows that 20 percent has been used. Could...
  2. AdamAZ84

    Blue square pop up heads stuck

    I'm trying to take out pop up heads and they're stuck. I have a tool for doing it and have tried two flat heads screwdrivers. They're really stuck. Any advice on how to turn these things?
  3. AdamAZ84

    Only 3 out of 13 pop ups for cleaning system, ever pop up in pool. All five in the spa work great. How can I adjust my valves to make more pop up?

    I have valves for cleaning system open, the booster pump have a valve for main drain or skimmer, I have tried both neither change anything. I have turned the spa valves, nothing. There's a valve that goes from filter to salt cell and heater, I have that set to open to both I believe. I can the...
  4. AdamAZ84

    Pentair Screenlogic2 Questions

    Can I ask you a question about the Pentair Screenlogic 2? Purchased home with this system, and I'm trying to connect the pc software and the android phone app to this adapter and I cannot get them to be recognized. I have tried using home wifi, that is extremely strong with 3 mesh satellites...
  5. AdamAZ84

    I had the Zodiak g3 working for days, and now the pump wont stay primed, when valve is turned to the skimmer, from the main drain.

    I have had this pool and house for 2 months, the vaccum was working perfectly, and two days ago stopped moving. I can't keep prime in the filter, once I turn the valve to the skimmer. If I restart pump with the valve turned to main drain, it fills up and stays primed, but the vaccum gets 0...