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    must I SLAM if pool cloudy?

    Hi, my pool water is cloudy. Do I have to bring FC ppm up to full SLAM level or can I stop if the water clears up at say 15ppm FC? SWG FC 15ppm (was at about 5ppm when turned cloudy and just brought it up to 15ppm with liquid chlorine) CYA 60 PH 7.6 CH 250 TA 100
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    Using Autocover as Winter Cover - Lead Bar Bowed

    For those that successfully use an autocover as a winter cover and live in a climate that gets good amount of snow (like Chicago), do you notice any bowing of your lead bar from the weight of snow? This is our first winter with a pool and first time using autocover as winter cover. I have...
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    Hot tub sanitation - are there calcium hypochlorite tablets??

    Been using the liquid bleach method on our new hot tub a few weeks now. Initially, used the dichlor granules until CYA reached 30. Now, we have to add liquid bleach daily to keep it at our target of 5-6ppm, which I have to say is getting to be cumbersome. Is there a way to consistently add...
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    Are intellivalves worth the extra investment?

    Hi, we are setting up our Easytouch 4 with some valve actuators for slide, deck jets and one to turn returns off when a water feature is turned on. I purchased an Intermatic Valve Actuator and was going to buy 2 more, but the pool professional is suggesting I purchase 3 intellivalves instead...
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    Can evaporation occur with autocover closed?

    If keep autocover closed at night, can evaporation still occur? Lost about 1/8 inch in 18 hours. 3 of the hours the cover was open. Water is kept warm 80 degrees and night temps here are in 50s.
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    Closing soon, chemistry suggestions

    Closing pool in two weeks. What is an ideal level to get my fc at for closing? I finished SLAM a week ago, so that's why my fc is high right now. FC 9.5 pH 7.4 TA 110 CH 450 CYA 50 I have an autocover and SWG, so was going to try to keep my CYA at 50 or 60.
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    Water behind liner

    Pool is just month old. Noticed in shallow end above built in bench there's a 10" x10" slightly bulging spot on liner close to water level. Feels like water behind the liner. I'm assuming most likely hole in liner? Would it likely be very close to the bulge? We have square corners where...
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    What direction to point returns?

    Please see my pic attached showing 3 returns and 2 skimmers. There's 2 main drains in deep end. I've read to point returns down and all in same direction. Should I point returns in clockwise or counter clockwise flow direction?
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    Closing with autocover help (aquadoor & gigit valves)

    First time closing our new vinyl inground pool (2 skimmers, 3 returns, 4 deck jets, 1 slide). PB said to purchase Gizmo & Aquadoor for skimmers and Gigit blowout valves for returns. I am looking for someone who has detailed directions on how they close their pool with autocover and these...
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    Calcium hardness high

    Fc 2.0 Ph 7.6 Ta 100 Ch 375 Cya 60 We use well water that's gone through an iron breaker and water softener to fill. What's best method to reduce calcium hardness as we are noticing some scaling on vinyl liner in 2 corners? I assume this is from our ch levels? Is Scale Free a good product...
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    Antifreeze recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations on what ingredients to look for/avoid in pool antifreeze. I see Walmart has a great price and it claims is "non-toxic." It does contain water, propylene glycol, glycerin, corrosion inhibitor, dye. Home Depot has two options: One contains PG but is glycerin...
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    Salt water balance high TA

    FC 6 PH 7.4 TA 260 CYA 30 CH 250 SALT 3570 How do I get my TA lower? We have well water and add a bit each week to fill. A pool store sold me Metal Free and said to add 1 capful. My water looks nice and clear. I haven't added the Metal Free yet. Would like to hear feedback first. Thanks!
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    Autocover lids in concrete?

    Does anyone have the Automatic Pool Cover Inc APC concrete lids like the ones in pic? Looking for feedback. I am uncertain about them because we have kids and I'm not sure if they could slowly slide toward pool after being walked on. Did you anchor yours to anything or do they literally just...
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    In wall ladder leak help

    Our newly installed latham in wall ladder is leaking. See pic. The gasket at bottom of each corner is pinched. Please give suggestions on best method to fix long term. Thanks.
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    What amount wall unlevelness is acceptable

    We are toward end of our inground build. Steel wall vinyl liner. We measured from top of water to top of walls and noticed a .25 inch difference between east and west walls. What is the industry acceptable margin on error on wall levelness? Any reason to be concerned?Hoping this is no big...
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    New pool, best practice to starting water chemistry

    We just filled our vinyl pool with water today. It's about 24000 gallons. We poured in 4 gallons of liquid chlorine in front of returns. What should our next steps be? Do we test PH the next day and go from there? Also, is there a rush to turn on our SWG or can we wait a week until deck...
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    Rope anchors wrong spot

    Our PB drilled the safety rope anchors in wrong spot- way too far into shallow end:( What is best method to fill the drilled hole in steel panel when he moves them to correct location?
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    Water bonding help

    We are looking for a solution on how to bond our water. Our lights are nicheless. We have nothing metal in contact with water all the time. We have a cmp anode in front of pump but if pump is off, the anode will not be in contact with water. What are thoughts of these bonding plates that can be...
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    Zinc anode placement help

    Hi, I have a CMP POOL DEFENDER INLINE SACRIFICIAL ZINC ANODE. I am getting mixed opinions on where to install it on my equipment pad. My heater already has a zinc anode built in, so that takes place for one between filter and heater. I was told by pool store to install my CMP POOL DEFENDER...
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    Where can i get skimmers?

    Hi, anyone know where I can get two Hayward 1084 or 1085 skimmers right now? Prefer grey....but open to white.
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    In-Wall Ladder Help

    We are having our 48" steel wall vinyl liner pool installed soon. Our supplier says they are out of the filler steel panel that would go at the bottom of the in-wall ladder. The salesperson says we can use a board to make a form and then fill behind it with concrete in lieu of the steel panel...
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    Wide vs Standard Mouth Skimmer - Need Input

    Our supplier is extremely backordered on the wide mouth Hayward 1085 skimmers along with our steel panels with wide mouth skimmer cut holes. The salesperson is offering the standard mouth skimmers with corresponding steel panels so that our pool can ship in next two weeks. Otherwise, it could...
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    New build plumbing help

    Hi, I would really appreciate help with plumbing setup, especially what valves I need. I will have: 1 VSF pump, cartridge filter, salt cell, gas heater, 4 deck jets and 1 slide. 2 skimmers, 3 returns and 2 main drains. I have been researching trying to determine how many diverter, ball, and...
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    In Wall Ladder Concerns

    We are planning for a new inground vinyl liner SWG pool with automatic cover. My PB suggested an in-wall ladder for deep end so easy to open and close cover. I am concerned about the drilling of holes in my liner when installing the in-wall ladder. Should I be concerned? Those who have in wall...
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    Flyte Deck II Dive Stand

    For those who have the SR SMITH Flyte Deck II Dive Stand, can you please tell me does it have any movement to it or is the board completely rigid? Thank you!
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    APC or Coverstar for Salt Water Pool

    Hi, does anyone have an APC brand or Coverstar brand automatic cover along with salt water? How are the components and mechanisms of the automatic cover holding up? The APC rep assured me that their components hold up well in salt water if we keep water balanced and routinely inspect for...
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    1.5" skimmers with 2" pipes elsewhere

    If I have 2" pipes throughout but 1.5" connections at skimmers, will this affect my flow rate? Am I much better off having 2" connections at skimmers? Thanks!
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    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus vs Hayward Trivac 700

    Anyone have experience with both Dolphin Nautilus CC plus & Trivac 700 and can recommend one over the other? Pool builder recommends Trivac but would like to hear your opinions. Thanks!
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    Recommendations for Custom Steps Manufacturer

    Hi! I am having my inground pool kit steel wall installed this Spring 2021. Can anyone recommend a custom steel steps manufacturer that will work directly with the customer and not a dealer? The place where I am purchasing the pool (PoolWarehouse) does not have the step option I am looking...
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    48" steel walls and benches

    Hi, I am in process of ordering a 48" steel wall pool kit. I would like to have corner steps with an attached bench in the shallow end. Does anyone have this? Please show pictures. I am finding that most step/bench combos only work on 42" steel walls:(